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By Published June 14, 2016 at 3:53 pm

GamersNexus, LLC is actively seeking a computer hardware reviewer with experience building computers, creating/reading benchmark charts to determine performance deltas, and extensive PC gaming experience. A top-level knowledge of all core components is required, with specialization in at least one component strongly desired. We are willing to train specialization given a strong foundation.

The reviewer filling this role must possess the ability to write, at length, comprehensive product reviews and analysis in the form of publishable content. The reviewer filling this role should offer writing and editorial abilities with an understanding of flow, grammar, and tone. A strong understanding of language and the ability to write quickly – under deadline – are further required traits.


Job Functions

  • Product benchmarking: Execute test cases on products to produce objective metrics by which competing devices are reviewed and compared. Examples include thermal benchmarks, FPS & frametime benchmarks, power draw measurements, and so forth. A basic understanding of enthusiast functions (like overclocking) is recommended, but can be trained if necessary.

  • Research: When lacking in knowledge -- and that should be frequently, given the constant change of the industry -- the reviewer should be capable, without constant oversight & management, of researching answers to questions, underlying technology, and architectures. This research will inform the writing process.

  • Product reviewing: Must be capable of producing coherent, "flowing," well-written coverage of the devices under test. Writing does not need to be flowery -- but it does need to be functional and offer enough flow to carry a reader through the piece. More objective and distanced technical writing is preferred to creative writing.

  • Game Benchmarking: Run repeat tests / multi-pass testing on new games as they release. You will be assisted in these efforts by other staff. A final compilation of data will be published to assist readers/viewers in determining which CPUs or GPUs are best for the game under test. You will be working with our video producer, test technician, and EIC on these projects.

  • Produce benchmarks and reviews within deadlines. Deadlines fluctuate with the review cycle/product. Assistance is always provided by other Editors in order to meet these goals.

Potential for Growth

Note that, depending on the reviewer's interest level in being on-camera, there are opportunities to appear in accompanying product review or hardware news videos. An interest in on-camera appearances is a large bonus.

Note that the team travels regularly for conventions, almost all of which are in other states or parts of the world – like CES in Las Vegas or Computex in Taipei. Depending on the show, the reviewer may be asked to join for these conferences. Functions at such events include interviewing (e.g. speaking with marketers & engineers from Corsair, Intel, and other companies), writing-up new product announcements, attending press conferences, live reporting, and on-camera news recaps.

It is important to us that all staff enjoy the work they perform. Should any particular aspect of work prove more exciting than others, we will work with you to enable additional work of this nature.

Hours & Compensation

Hours are flexible. We are willing to work with you on ideal arrival and departure times for the job. Should you prefer working late nights or mid-day, both are easily accommodated.

The position is salaried. Specifics to be discussed during interview stages.

Examples of Our Work 

Contact & Application

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a writing sample relevant to the topics discussed above. This sample will not be published and is strictly used for hiring purposes. The sample may be a write-up of a product you've recently used, e.g. a mock review, a news post related to the hardware industry, or some small feature piece that showcases knowledge in a particular subset of PC hardware and PC gaming.

About GamersNexus

GamersNexus has existed since 2008, but got serious in PC hardware within the last 4 years. We're growing rapidly, but still have small, core team. The core team consists of the Editor-in-Chief, two video production team members, a social media manager & games reviewer, and a (remote) peripherals expert. Most the staff works from home during content production, but will work on-site during benchmarking or technician-related tasks. Video production is all done on-site. The company is run out of a house presently, Silicon Valley style, and has two rooms dedicated to test bench stations and video/content production.

The site has recently invested heavily in its video production and is keeping options open with regard to additional on-camera presenters and personalities.

Contact via email for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Steve Burke.

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