Contest: PC Build Photoshoot - Win a HAF X T-Shirt

By Published March 20, 2012 at 3:50 pm

If you saw our announcement yesterday, we're doing a contest to see who has the best-looking PC build! Here's how it works:

Update: Due to the rapidly approaching PAX East event, we're extending this contest until April 10th at midnight, EST!


Upload Your Rig

Head over to our newly-added Completed PC Builds section of the hardware forums and post up to three photos of your gaming rig! Here's what your post should look like:

Title: Contest: [Name of my build] - $[XXXX]

Just give your build a cool or fitting name -- "Destroyer," for example -- tell us your overall budget for the system, and upload up to three photos. We'll share all the awesome photos on our Facebook page for all to see!

What do I get?!

You get this awesome Men's XL heavy-weight Cooler Master T-Shirt! The shirt reads "Size Matters / HAF X" in white and red on black. The back of the shirt has small Cooler Master and CM Storm logos.

The winner will be determined on these factors: Most fluid theme, best overall look, and to a much lesser degree, best photo (this isn't a photography contest, but non-grainy photos are preferable!). Components do not factor in heavily - just design, look, and theme fluidity. A cheap build has just as much potential to win as an expensive build, if your theme is solid.

You have until April 2nd to upload your photos!


Remember, PAX East is coming up, so we'll have even more stuff to give away as time goes on!

May the best build win!

Rules and Stuff:

Due to exorbitant shipping charges, we are currently only offering this contest in the US, Canada, the UK, and Mexico. We hope to expand those options in the future, but we're not quite there yet! No purchase is necessary for this offer. This offer expires on April 10th, 2012 at 12:00 PM, noon, EST (GMT -5).


Update! We've included the UK to the shipping list.

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