Rosewill Thor V2 Giveaway / Contest

By Published July 04, 2012 at 11:23 pm

If you saw our review of Rosewill's Thor V2 White Edition and our recent (minutes ago) review of the Rosewill R5 gaming case, you know that we've liked the Thor V2 as an affordable, gaming-grade enclosure for system building and have been itching to give it away for some time now.

Well, now's that time. Here's what's going down: We're going to give this Thor V2 White Edition (the one we reviewed) away to one of you. We're asking that you answer a simple question in a comment below, at which point we'll automatically enter you into the list of contenders. Here's the question:


What gaming-related or hardware-related articles would you like to see us post more of? What part of gaming or hardware do you want to know more about? Why?

That's it. We're asking you what do you want to learn about? for this contest -- the answer that we deem is the most insightful or otherwise most endearing/useful will be the one that wins the case.

There may be additional prizes, too, depending on how many entrants there are. So don't hold back - the more entries, the more likely we are to give additional prizes away. That said, we are giving away prizes for those who follow us on Google+.

Tell us what you want to learn more about (whether it's gaming culture or gaming hardware) and why, and we'll throw your name in our list.

Additional Prizes are Easy: Just Follow us on Google+

Pro Tip: Want to be entered into our random drawing for other secret prizes (including games, shirts, and cool stuff from conventions)? Follow us on our brand new Google+ page and we'll automatically add you to our random drawing. Please make sure you can receive messages from us or are otherwise able to be contacted.

The Rules and other boring stuff:

This contest is not valid where prohibited by law, and all that jazz. You're responsible for keeping up with your local laws on contest winnings and the legalities.

If you write a comment below, please use your valid email (this will not be used for anything other than contest purposes or for notification purposes) so that we can inform you if you won something.

The contest ends on July 26th at 11:59 PM, so you have a little bit of time to think on it!


-Steve & the GN crew.

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