AMD's newest Catalyst 14.1 bet drivers introduce Mantle support on all GCN-enabled GPUs available, including modern APUs and all Radeon 7000 cards and onwards (7000, 8000, RX 200, and Kaveri APUs). In testing performed around the web, the most significant performance gains can be found in the 290 & 290X, 260 / 7790, and Kaveri APUs.


Mantle makes the most sense as a booster for low-end hardware (like APUs) moreso than the high-end stuff; with an APU, your borderline between medium and high settings at 1080p is going to be more noticeable than on a 290X (which is already more powerful than any game can truly utilize). Mantle makes the difference between playable and unplayable FPS on Kaveri chips and low-end discrete GPUs.

This weekend's hardware sales round-up focuses on CPU and motherboard sales, with Intel's mainstream flagship i7-4770K on sale alongside AMD's 220W FX-9370; motherboards were also located on sale, ensuring you'll be able to put these powerful CPUs to use immediately.


It seems like this is the year of mini-ITX form factors -- between the obsession over small cases at CES and the impending Steam Machine launches (and Kaveri), small form factor systems are being driven hard by the industry. This hardware sales round-up includes deals on mini-ITX boards, a Kaveri bundle, an Intel SSD, and a cheap full-tower case.


AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) has been on the rise over the past year, and a lot of it is attributed to the company's Graphics & Visual Solutions Group, the organization housing Radeon and the PS4/XB-One SoCs.

  Q4-13 Q3-13 Q4-12 2013 2012
Revenue $1.59B $1.46B $1.16B $5.30B $5.42B
Operating Income
$135mm $95mm $(422)mm $103mm $(1.06)B
Net Income / 
Earnings per share
$89mm / $0.12 $48mm / $0.06 $(473)mm / $(0.63) $(83)mm / $(0.11) $(1.18)B / $(1.60)

In our third episode of TechRAID -- our video series dedicated to rounding-up and explaining the week's news stories -- we turn to coverage of video hardware, power supplies, and a new CPU. This week's news topics include 80 Plus Titanium, nVidia's rumored Maxwell 750 Ti February 18th release date, a new 16-core AMD CPU that could turn into an FX processor, and G-Sync vs. FreeSync technologies in the display market.


With the new year, it's time for a new low-budget gaming PC build. With our coverage of CES 2014 in the books, it's time to reflect on what we discovered there and move on to provide you with the best builds available for your budget.


This sub-$500 Cheap Bastard's gaming PC build attempts to demonstrate how little you have to spend to get a quality gaming PC -- now featuring a Kaveri APU. My initial purpose was to do a Steam Machine-style build, but seeing how the new SteamOS is still in beta, and the Steam Controller is not readily available, I decided to temporarily cut those two pieces. This is a great starter build for anyone looking to enter the world of PC gaming and offers plenty room for future upgrades.

We decided to go with a Kaveri gaming PC build list for this one, implementing fast RAM and a very stylish case from Corsair. Here's the list:

Most of the RAM sales have subsided as prices have continued to hang onto their unseemly high, but this weekend sees a reduction in price in several cases and power supplies; there's a pretty big sale on most of Cooler Master's catalog right now, but we'll also be looking at some video cards in this sales round-up.


The name isn't exactly pleasant to say, but AMD's recently released software developer document details the lower-level functions of their impending "Family 15h model 30h - 3Fh" CPU; the CPU, perhaps to the delight of AMD enthusiasts everywhere, does not appear to feature a significant GPU component at this time (though there is indication of a GPU component).


With CES coming to a close (though content is still being posted), we've got a ton of new gaming hardware in mind for sales round-ups. In this sales round-up, we look at Antec's new Nineteen Hundred gaming case (nearly $100 off MSRP), AMD's FX-9590 highest-end CPU for $300, and more.



We caught up with AMD video card manufacturer VisionTek at CES 2014, where the company unveiled its new liquid-cooled R9 290 – the “CryoVenom R9 290.” VisionTek partnered with EKWB to couple the R9 290 with an aftermarket open loop liquid cooling block; the block can be integrated with any compatible open loop system for proper cooling functionality.


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