As we near double-digits for Ask GN, the community seems to be getting the hang of submitting worthwhile questions for each new episode. As always, leaving your comments on the YouTube video is the best way to get spotted, but we also check twitter and these comments.

This week sees the return of further G3258 vs. 860K CPU discussion, the process of binning components and disabling GPU features, whether VSR & DSR are worthwhile, and CPU overclocking. We also briefly dive into some opinions on Bethesda's choice to release a partially-complete Fallout 4 PC DVD, which requires Steam for the remainder of the game installation.

This installment of Ask GN – our eighth episode – sees the rise of questions relating to PC build choices, hard drive orientation (vertical vs. horizontal), long-life GPUs, and motherboard impact on overclocking.

As with the previous episodes, we feel as if the questions improve in their discussion points and level of interest each time – please keep posting them in the YouTube comments and through Twitter!

The latest episode is below:

Moving to Episode 7 of Ask GN, we're starting to hit a level of consistency – targeting every Monday – and the viewer questions have continued to impress us. This week's questions are among the best we've gotten so far, and that seems to be true week after week.

This show discusses more PCI-e laning topics, dust management, test methodology, CPU bottlenecking, and more. You can find the latest episode of Ask GN below. As always, post comments to the video, in the comments below, or tweet at us (@GamersNexus) for next episode's consideration!

In this sixth episode of Ask GN, we're addressing user concerns regarding the recent Star Citizen & Escapist engagement, the relevance of RAM speed and density, PCI-e lane differences (chipset vs. CPU), and 4K gaming bottlenecks.

Our thanks to the engaged fans who have continually, for six episodes, submitted high-quality, thought-provoking questions.

You can find the full Ask GN episode below:

We've been enjoying the production of our “Ask GN” episodes thus far, and we're rolling cleanly into episode 5 of the series. For this episode, we addressed questions pertaining to DirectX 12, Vulkan, ESD prevention, GPU fan speed vs. temperature correlation, and AMD's GVR.

As always, comments from the YouTube channel were gathered for this video. If you've got questions for the next episode, which airs next week, send us a comment via twitter, YouTube, or post one below. Our thanks to the viewers who've come up with some of the thought-provoking questions we've addressed in previous episodes:

PAX now behind us, we've returned to our new-found efforts of addressing direct reader questions via YouTube and twitter comments. This new series has been dubbed “Ask GN” and, to our great satisfaction, has thus far yielded excellent discussion points on current topics. A couple of article ideas have emerged from the questions, too, so keep them coming!

The list for episode 3 saw inclusion of open vs. closed liquid cooling loop discussion, cable brief management tips, device controllers on a motherboard, and whether or not a motherboard impacts the gaming experience.

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