German case, cooler, & PSU manufacturer "Be Quiet!" made an appearance at CES this week, where they spotlighted two new air coolers and the Silent Base 800 enclosure we previously wrote about.

Be Quiet! expanded its cooler line with the Dark Rock TF -- a black monolith with two top-down fans -- and the Shadow Rock LP. The Dark Rock TF (TF initializes "Top Flow" air direction, or top-down) is the larger, more powerful cooler rated for 220W TDP. It sports six nickel-plated copper pipes with a two-tiered aluminum fin design. The CPU block is not direct contact, but does appear solid and well-machined with its smooth coldplate.

Computer cases are exciting up until a point -- a point of 90 degree angles. There are only so many rectangular pieces of metal you can get excited about each year. Case manufacturers change up the game to get coverage at tradeshows -- often leveraging case modders to modify existing enclosures -- but innovation occasionally shows itself.

Cooler Master showed off their HAF Stacker at PAX Prime a few years ago, reviving a decades-old concept of vertically stacking multiple systems. Alienware showed off its Area 51 case last year, a tiltable enclosure to allow easier access to the I/O panel. At CES 2014, Razer showcased "Project Christine" (either in limbo or now-defunct), a modular approach to system assembly.

With Christmas only days away, many of us still haven't finished our shopping. No need to brave the cold to rush out into the crowds, though – we've got you covered. This week we found a case, a power supply, and three video cards that are on sale. If you're looking for a gift for someone else – or just want to treat yourself – check out the deals we found below.


We hope you had your fill of Thanksgiving turkey and survived the ensuing Cyber Monday sales rush. With several of the sales at major retailers ended, we had to dig a bit harder to find remaining good bargains. These left-overs would be great as gifts for the upcoming holidays, or even just to treat yourself after having to sit through hours of family torture and bad football. This weekend, we found sales on RAM, an SSD, a couple video cards, and an mITX case.


Now that Black Friday is upon us, we have loads of hardware sales to choose from – more than we could possibly list here. We found what we consider the best sales going on right now. Only once a year do we see sales of this magnitude: An NZXT H440 for $90 (won't go live til 11/28), 240GB SSD for $85, R9 270 for $135, and more.


CPU cooling and PSU manufacturer Be Quiet! has just announced its first high-end enclosure, the “Silent Base 800.” The company indicated to press earlier this year that it had plans to enter the enclosure market prior to the 2014 holidays, and it looks like that target date was hit.

The Silent Base 800 enclosure is advertised as offering “the perfect symbiosis of noise prevention and cooling performance,” which in non-marketing speak translates to “noise damped and ventillated.”

Welcome to another edition of our weekly sales round-up. After searching the web, I found some pretty good sales on a variety of PC components. This weekend, we found sales on a hard drive, case, power supply, CPU, and video card.


While most of us are eagerly awaiting Black Friday for the yearly sales frenzy, I found a few hardware gems on sale this weekend. This week’s hardware sales include deals on a power supply, a micro-ATX case, an Intel motherboard, and a pair of video cards.



Phanteks is a popular fan and cooler manufacturer that recently expanded into the case market, and they have done so successfully with the Enthoo Pro and Enthusiast Primo. Most recently, Phanteks unveiled their newest “Enthoo Evolv” case to the media. Phanteks’ Evolv is sticking to the precedent its older brothers established with minimalist design, high-quality features, and primarily aluminum and steel construction.


Before anything else though, let’s jump into the Enthoo Evolv gaming case specs:

We didn't feature a Weekend Sales Roundup last week due to the greatness that was PAX. If you missed our PAX coverage, then go back and read our first-hand looks at various hardware components and games over here. This week we have a mid-tower case for $70, a mechanical keyboard for $100, a 500W PSU for $30, and a GTX 780 for $450. Keep posted to our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts for more sales, articles, and builds as quickly as we can get them to you.


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