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We first heard about SilverStone’s Thunderbolt-enabled external video card solution last year, but haven’t heard much about it since. The company was demoing the SG Station 2 at CES this year – a collaboration between SilverStone (power, enclosure) and ASUS (PCB, electrical) – and had a functional rig connected to a laptop for external graphics computing.


We had a chance to catch up with Corsair at CES 2014, where they gave us a suite tour and showed off their new MX-RGB mechanical keyboard (exclusive 2014 rights), Graphite 760T gaming case (specs below), and Obsidian 250D case.


NVIDIA’s G-Sync variable refresh rate hardware was first announced back in October, but has been making the rounds at CES 2014; we wrote about ASUS’ new 1440p G-Sync enabled display – one of the first of its kind (and, you know, $800) – and BenQ’s 1080p offerings, but now it’s time to look more specifically at the practical impact of G-Sync and how it works.


AMD's press conference was all Kaveri-land today, as presented by Senior Vice President Lisa Su, with no mention of FX at all.

amd-roadmapAMD Surround Gaming Roadmap.

AMD started with a demo of a 360-degree "holodeck-like” experience in their tent-dome, set up beside the press conference hall. None other than Star Trek Legend LeVar Burton demonstrated the technology in action. Burton’s experience as Geordie La Forge led him to comment that AMD was ‘less than 10 years’ from offering a "Holodeck" experience.

With our coverage from CES 2014 rolling out rapidly (we’ve already outpaced last year’s coverage), we move now to MSI’s brand new motherboards and video card. MSI has been building their red-and-black dragon-embellished “Gaming” boards for a while now, but thus far, they’ve all been for Intel’s Haswell platform; the primary boards in MSI’s Intel line-up include the Z87-G45 Gaming and Z87-GD65 Gaming, with some troubleshooting and overclocking features differentiating them.


Until now, AMD has gotten a noticeably less amount of love from most major manufacturers – including MSI. Finally, though, AMD’s new A88X chipset (Kaveri) has arrived, heralding a new era of motherboards for the company’s microprocessors. In this CES 2014 hands-on preview, we look at the specs of MSI’s new A88XM Gaming and A88X-G45 Gaming motherboards, in addition to the 290X Lightning massive video card.

BenQ announced their new monitors at CES 2014 today, featuring NVIDIA's G-Sync technology. The 24-inch XL2420G and the 27-inch XL272OG join BenQ's XL gaming monitor series and feature new ‘RevolutionEyes’ technology.


ASUS announced the latest additions to their monitor line-up at CES 2014 today -- the ROG Swift PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor and the PB287Q 4K Monitor.


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