Welcome to another edition of Mik's picks. For this weekend's hardware sales, I found great deals on a GPU, HDMI cable, monitor, PSU, and an SSD.


Welcome to another edition of Mik's picks. While most other people are out looking for Easter eggs, I've been out looking for eggs on Tiger Direct and Newegg. For this edition, we found some great discounts on SSDs, monitors, APUs, and GPUs. We'll keep this one short -- the GN team is exhausted coming out of some heavy post-PAX coverage, and we're sure you could all use a bit of a breather this weekend, too.


Let's get to the good stuff.

Another weekend has come-and-gone, seeing the addition of many hardware sales/deals out there for us to take advantage of. This week we dug up a great variety of sales, including a large hard drive, laptop, monitor, and a couple of sweet gaming cases.

Let's jump straight into this weekend's best sales we found:


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