Proleague 2014 is entering its second round and things have changed quite a bit from 2013's lineup. KeSPA’s team league may not be StarCraft 2’s most watched league, but to me it’s the most exciting. This year has not disappointed; every team has gone through at least one change worth noting. Let's dig into it!


There's absolutely no argument that eSports have grown in popularity exponentially in the past decade. The industry has evolved from small LAN events to massive gaming tournaments -- KESPA's leagues, DreamHack, MLG, WCG (RIP), CEVO, and numerous other tournaments have come and gone throughout the life of the evolving sport.

A new eSports documentary following Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Team Fnatic through the daily throes gives unique insight to the challenges of becoming a pro gamer. Fnatic's Jonatan "Dvilwalk" Lundberg rather plainly states:

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