Logitech’s Proteus Core “tunable gaming mouse” was announced leading into PAX East 2014, but we only just got hands-on with the mouse on Saturday. The company is making big promises with this one – we’ve been told on numerous occasions that the sensor is the best they’ve ever used, the “best on the market,” the fastest, the most accurate, and so forth. We’ll be doing a full tear-down and review in the near future, so hang tight on purchases for that, but let’s talk hardware in the meantime.


Respawn Entertainment today hosted a Titanfall panel featuring CEO Vince Zampella and Lead Designer Justin Hendry, each working to deliver key information pertaining to the game's future objectives. Prior to PAX East, Respawn released their first title update for Titanfall on the XBOX One and PC. This patch included small changes as well as the first big change—something that the community was very interested in having—which was private matches.


At the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX East 2014) today, the company announced plans for their fourth PAX event – PAX South, set for arrival on January 23-25, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas. PAX East 2014 is still going on right now (and we’ve got full coverage, as with all US PAX events), but South will bring welcome refuge to those who can’t make it to Prime in Seattle or East in Boston. The event’s scheduling puts it just before East, which is always held in the March / April spring timeframe, and just after Prime, which is held in the August / September timeframe. The fourth PAX event, PAX Australia, is held during the US summer.


I’m a music buff, so a quick preamble: Joy Division was arguably the pioneering band of post-punk, and several other bands adopted their rhythms, lyrics, and instrumental effects. But after singer and lyricist Ian Curtis’ suicide, the surviving members of the band still achieved commercial and critical success under the name New Order.


Bethesda now acts as the surviving members of the once-Joy Division of FPS games - the Wolfenstein franchise. The challenge for Bethesda and developer Machine Games is resurrecting the fun and intensity of the franchise while updating it to modern shooter standards. I give you Wolfenstein: The New Order.

In this hands-on preview of Wolfenstein: The New Order at PAX East 2014, we'll discuss the game's merits, shortcomings, and visual effects.

Back during one of our older giveaways, I asked you all how we could improve our convention coverage to better bring the shows to your homes. One of the commenters told us that although our run-n-gun interview coverage is excellent (it really is – go see), it was tough to get a grasp on what the actual zoomed-out convention is like. “What’s it like as an attendee,” was the general interest. That’s what these PAX East expo hall overview videos are for; the last one was posted here, way back in this-time-last-year.

Anyway, this one doesn’t require much editorial work. Here ya go:

It’s awesome to see studios like 2k Games continuing to support their existing IPs while the new generation of consoles emerges. 2k announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a completely new Borderlands game, earlier this week, and they’re already showing off the game at PAX East 2014 this weekend. The game is being developed by 2k Australia and Gearbox, makers of Borderlands 1 and 2.


Cloud Imperium Games’ PAX East pre-show saw the unveiling of a (somewhat) functional multiplayer dogfighting module (DFM), as helmed by the game’s visionary and renowned industry veteran Chris Roberts. We were able to get an exclusive video interview in a very quick run-n-gun format after the event to collect Roberts’ thoughts on the somewhat shaky unveil, embedded below; we’ll also be covering the immediate roadmap for the dogfighting module, plans for multi-crew combat, and plans for initial FPS gameplay mechanics (boarding).


The fan event today collected journalists and monetary backers of Star Citizen, which we’ve written about extensively in three previous interviews:

Logitech (NASDAQ: LOGI) has thus far had a pristine track-record in our mouse reviews; my review of the G700s sincerely claimed the mouse to be the most comfortable, best gaming mouse I'd ever used. Contributor Patrick Lathan's look at the G500s had similarly-high praise. I've had issues with their headsets in a distant past, but haven't yet had the chance to get hands-on (heads-on?) the newer audio peripherals. In the very least, the company's mice have proven durable and formidable in the marketplace.


The new Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse -- yes, that's its name -- lays claim to hosting the first 12,000 DPI sensor in the industry; DPI is often used as a marketing metric, and is so-used here to some extent, but the G502 lacks any undesirable mouse acceleration, smoothing, pixel rounding, and snapping that many high-DPI mice use. These items throw off the predictability and dead-precision that a gamer demands of a high-quality mouse (acceleration is especially noticeable in RTS and FPS games). Seeing Logitech move away from such features while still achieving high speeds is refreshing.

I figured I’d write a quick blog-style post for those of you who check the site regularly for convention coverage and new games/technology analysis. We’re coming off the tail-end of GDC, the Game Developers Conference, and GTC, the GPU Technology Conference, and will be heading to PAX East next. We had some of our best convention coverage yet at these two events, so as a quick recap, here are the must-read articles from each:


We don't normally cover mobile games very much, but I thought this one was worth a mention. Jungle Rumble comes at a time when traditional RTS games are struggling, but game developers Disco Pixel have combined strategic elements with rhythm-based gameplay for a mobile pastime.

w Kaguna screen 5

The game is due for iOS and Android some time in April and will be making an appearance at PAX East 2014, for any attendees looking for a booth to visit. Jungle Rumble's gameplay centers around traditional tap-input as the user hammers-out a drumbeat; the army of monkeys (very monkey-in-barrel-esque) move with these taps and advance on the enemy monkeys -- harbingers of banana doom, to be sure -- and eventually gain map control.

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