“There's a lot of arcane voodoo magic around gaming mice,” Logitech Product Manager Chris Pate told us in a discussion on gaming mouse hardware. Joined by Logitech, we discussed mouse acceleration, smoothing, the interpretation of 2D input into a 3D gaming space, mouse myths, and mouse sensor technology in our latest video.

Just weeks ago, our Corsair tour privileged us to highly-sensitive information that was placed under embargo until further notice. Today, Corsair lifted the embargo on their new M63MM RGB Mechanical Gaming Mouse, a device equipped with the company's patent-pending BIG ball-mouse technology.

As we have previously discussed, since Cherry’s patent expired, the North American market has been seeing the introduction of traditionally Asian brands using Kailh switches. One of the most prominent Asian brands, and one that is pushing into the North American market quite aggressively, is Tesoro.

Nearing the height of GDC 2015 and leading into PAX East, peripherals manufacturer Logitech announced the release of its new high-end, lightweight gaming mouse. The Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex ($70) mouse uses the same chassis as the G302 Daedalus Prime – a mouse targeted at MOBAs – and retains a more simplistic core featureset while driving focus on a high-precision sensor.

Recently, it seems as though everybody, their grandmother, and their distant cousin is coming out with RGB keyboards peripherals. Tesoro recently joined this club with their RGB keyboards, but their RGB line is not to be limited to keyboards. Tesoro has released word regarding their newest mouse, the Gungnir Black, a programmable optical RGB gaming mouse.

For years now, the original Quickfire Rapid has had a “Stealth” version with side printed keycaps; although, I’m not sure how stealthy one can be with a keyboard that uses Cherry MX Blue or Green switches. With the release of the Quickfire Rapid-I, some (myself included) were disappointed to see Cooler Master not release a stealth version, but this appears to be changing as of late. Recently, Cooler Master posted the Quickfire Rapid-SI (the “S” standing for “stealth”) page on their site. This is nearly identical to the Quickfire Rapid-I, but for any unfamiliar with the Rapid-I, I’ll quickly run over it, then cover the differences between the two.

As we have noted in recent reviews, the popular Asian brand Tesoro has been expanding into the North American market. One of Tesoro’s major product offerings that is now competing with established North American brands is its keyboard selection. With PAX South hours away, Tesoro has given us a sneak peak of their new keyboards: the Excalibur Spectrum and Lobera Spectrum.

In months past, we’ve covered Cougar’s continued foray into the gaming-oriented keyboard market, one example being the mechanical 600k. Cougar now seems to be targeting the more budget-minded gamers with their most recent release, the 200k.

It’s CES time again and, after hopping on planes and braving Southern California traffic, we safely arrived in Las Vegas. Our first stop this year was at the MSI suites, where we already wrote about a gaming laptop equipped with a mechanical keyboard. Associate Marketing Manager David Chang started our tour and was even kind enough to showcase the benchmarking of the USB 3.1 interface in one of our upcoming videos.

ibm-backplateIBM Model M metal backplate. Source: Geek Hack.

One of the reasons the IBM Model M – one the most widely-used original mechanical keyboards – is regarded so highly is its high, durable build quality. The durability stems from its steel backplate, used for mounting the mechanical switches; similarly, high-end mechanical keyboards of today often use metal backplates for switch mounting. While metal backplate mounting is widespread in mechanical keyboards, other materials -- such as plastic and PCB -- are also used to mount switches, with each having their own advantages.

Today, we’re looking at keyboard backplates and comparing metal vs. plastic and PCB options.

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