We figured we'd post another one of our regular weekend hardware sales round-ups before our impending Skylake and 7870K coverage. This weekend's sales include a $90 240GB SanDisk SSD, NZXT H440 marked down to ~$105, Enermax LiqTech CLC, and an EVGA GTX 980 SuperClocked card.

All the major manufacturers seem to be playing into the whole “it's hot outside, let's turn that into a sale” gimmick. This week, that means a lot of cooling on sale, including the deprecated Hyper 212 Plus for $20.

This weekend’s hardware sales round-up features one of Fractal’s best-known cases – the Define R5 – alongside an ASRock Z97 motherboard and Crucial MX200 SSD. The sales aren’t particularly strong this weekend, though we suspect that should change (especially for Z97 motherboards) as Skylake ramps into sales in August.

Summer can be such a great time of year: blistering heat, obnoxious insects, the bright, overbearing sun... but, best of all, it can all be avoided by playing some video games. Greenman Gaming wants you to do just that, indicated by the start of their July 10-23 summer sale.

Having just upgraded to an EVGA Classified board for our X99 test bench, we've been shopping around for X99 platforms over the last week. The Classified board isn't a cheap option at $350 to $400, but there are budget-friendly X99 boards for users who don't require heavy multi-GPU configurations and OC features. We found an ASRock X99 board and two Be Quiet! products on sale this weekend.

This weekend's sales round-up focuses on what's outside the box: Monitors. As we've seen lately, 4K gaming really isn't all that possible just yet with a single GPU configuration – but it's on the rise, especially for non-AAA graphics. One space where 4K displays do make perfect sense, though, is in design or development, where refresh rates and framerates aren't nearly as important as usable screen space and clarity. This short round-up hosts a budget 1080p display, mid-range 1080p IPS display, “entry-level” 4K display, and a semi-affordable 4K IPS panel.

This weekend's gaming hardware sales features Fractal's Define R4 case, an SSD at 240GB for $90, a 27” display, and an R9 290X for $270.

These three components perform at a mid-range level but are priced for a budget PC during these Newegg sales. We rooted-up an ASUS Z87 motherboard – still perfectly good even with Z97 out – alongside an R9 280 and 750W PSU.

This weekend's gaming hardware sales round-up sees the inclusion of a 480GB SSD marked down to $200, a 27” IPS panel monitor on sale for $170, and a GTX 970M portable gaming laptop for $1450.

Generic American Consumerism Holiday #57 has arrived, and as such, e-tailers are dumping their inventory at low prices. There's a huge amount of sales through Newegg and Amazon right now, but we've picked-out a few of the more gaming-targeted ones. You can browse additional sales, like other video cards, PSUs, and CPUs, on Newegg over here, Amazon's are here.

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