Every PC component contributes to the gaming or working experience. A mouse, keyboard, GPU, CPU, RAM, and monitor all fuse to create the total user experience, but they’re all fairly stable and easy to understand.

Monitors can be tricky. Their specs often include lesser-known terms like “response time,” “input lag,” and “contrast ratio,” not to mention the various panel types behind the display. For those mystified by these specs, or those simply wanting a handy guide to monitor sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday, we’ve compiled a list of G-Sync, FreeSync, and general use 1080p, 1440p, and 4K monitors.

This list details the best monitors for gaming at budget, mid-range, and high-end prices, scaling all the way up to 144Hz. We’ve got a few “general use” monitors in here for those just seeking 1080p functionality without the flair.

Winter is coming – and so is Black Friday, as “Black November” before it. And “Black February” (anyone remember that?). Look, the point is that this holiday – Black Friday, that is, not Thanksgiving – has expanded without hesitance. Current sales include Intel CPUs (like the 4790K), GTX 960 discounts to below $200, an NZXT Phantom, and a Samsung display.

Black Friday isn't far off now, and the timing couldn't be better in coordination with the games industry: Call of Duty, Fallout 4, and Battlefront are all rolling forward, full-steam ahead, and are ready to make use of modern gaming hardware. This week, we found a GTX 980 Ti discounted to $600, an R9 380, and a pair of GTX 970s.

The sales have slowed down substantially this weekend, likely in the face of America's most worshipped holiday: Black Friday. Even with the innovative holiday-forging that wrought “Black November,” sales are still dry – but there's still a few things worth a look.

There's no trade-in program for your kids' candy, unfortunately, but there are still a few hardware sales through the weekend. EVGA's GTX 980 Ti Hybrid is marked down $50, the 850 EVO makes for a cheap SSD, and some budget-class storage and cases are also running low prices.

This weekend marks the first appearance of an UltraWide monitor in our sales round-ups. An LG 29” 21:9 UltraWide is on sale for 50%, alongside a ~$700 34” curved display (also LG) and 24” ASUS display.

This weekend’s gaming hardware sales sees the return of WD Red hard drives, an Intel i5-6400 Skylake CPU, and a 750W PSU on the cheap. The WD Red drives are of particular interest to use – we actually use three of these in RAID 5 on our render rig, and feel confident in recommending them for RAID users.

Newegg's Fall sales continue, and we've picked another mixed bag this week--a PSU, GTX 960 video card, a CLC, and a monitor. Check out the hardware sales below.

We've got a solid mix of components this week--a motherboard, PSU, monitor, and a GPU. I've been upgrading my own PC, and I spotted a few deals on Newegg that made me wish I had a bigger budget.

Our new PC build lands just under $400, making for one of the most affordable builds we've posted in recent history. Granted, it's also not very powerful – but not everyone needs raw power. In the process of assembling the CSGO/DOTA rig, we encountered a number of sales worth passing along. A 430W PSU for $20 (with reasonable components, too), HyperX Cloud headset, a motherboard, and a case are on rotation this weekend.

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