Sales this weekend are favorable for most types of system builders – the upgrades and the ground-up builds are equally represented by CPU sales, a 500GB SSD sale, and GPU price drops. The weekend's most noteworthy sales include Crucial's MX200 M.2 500GB SSD for $155, the Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake CPU for $365 (which is, sadly, cheap), and an R9 390 8GB for $300.

The R9 380 has fallen hard in price since its launch, spurred-on by the 380X's same-priced launch, and MIRs have further bolstered its affordability. 1440p monitors, meanwhile, are still expensive – but include enough high-end features and discounts to be worth serious configuration. Our sales items for the weekend look at both of these items – a PCS R9 380 for cheap and 1440p display – in addition to a high-end headset.

After a few weeks of mostly mediocre sales, it seems as if retailers have returned to their usual inventory dump. I'd say it's for the end-of-year bookkeeping, but we all know that sales are nonstop. Not sure if they still count as 'sales' in that fashion, but might as well play the game that we're all in. This weekend, we spotted an R9 Fury X for $570 (marked down from $650), a 144Hz ROG display for $400, and GTX 950 at an impressive $120.

Time's about up for online purchases if anticipating pre-25th arrival. This weekend's got a few good sales on SSDs, including an Intel 480GB SSD for $160 and Kingston 240GB SSD for $70, but we found a few side-items while searching.

The major retailers want you to buy stuff. Actually, all retailers do. And they'd prefer you do it before end of year. We're really not revealing news here – but there are a couple of good sales leading into the year's final stretch. Logitech's G602 wireless mouse – one that we use internally – is about half off, an 80 Plus Platinum 750W PSU is available at $110, and there's an i7-4790K for $300.

Graphics vendor nVidia today announced its plans for an upgrade program, active through December 4. The program is in partnership with system integrators (“SIs”) who sell pre-built, user-specified gaming PCs. We've reviewed a few, including one from CyberPower and one from iBUYPOWER, for the curious.

The limited step-up program, which is not open to DIY builders at this time, upgrades any GTX 750 Ti-equipped systems to a GTX 950. There is no additional cost for the upgrade.

In the calm between the storms – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – a few hangers-on have remained on sale through the weekend. Granted, “sale” is almost meaningless at this point; there's a near-perpetual discount on PC hardware through various vendors, but that's good news for system builders. This weekend, we found a 960GB SSD for $270 (or $200 via Newegg), 500GB SSD for $140, Corsair 200R for $46, and Logitech G910 for $160.

Every PC component contributes to the gaming or working experience. A mouse, keyboard, GPU, CPU, RAM, and monitor all fuse to create the total user experience, but they’re all fairly stable and easy to understand.

Monitors can be tricky. Their specs often include lesser-known terms like “response time,” “input lag,” and “contrast ratio,” not to mention the various panel types behind the display. For those mystified by these specs, or those simply wanting a handy guide to monitor sales during Black Friday & Cyber Monday, we’ve compiled a list of G-Sync, FreeSync, and general use 1080p, 1440p, and 4K monitors.

This list details the best monitors for gaming at budget, mid-range, and high-end prices, scaling all the way up to 144Hz. We’ve got a few “general use” monitors in here for those just seeking 1080p functionality without the flair.

Winter is coming – and so is Black Friday, as “Black November” before it. And “Black February” (anyone remember that?). Look, the point is that this holiday – Black Friday, that is, not Thanksgiving – has expanded without hesitance. Current sales include Intel CPUs (like the 4790K), GTX 960 discounts to below $200, an NZXT Phantom, and a Samsung display.

Black Friday isn't far off now, and the timing couldn't be better in coordination with the games industry: Call of Duty, Fallout 4, and Battlefront are all rolling forward, full-steam ahead, and are ready to make use of modern gaming hardware. This week, we found a GTX 980 Ti discounted to $600, an R9 380, and a pair of GTX 970s.

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