This morning's press embargo on the official Vulkan 1.0 API ratification lifted at 9am, when our post and video went live. The major news was AMD's Vulkan beta drivers, which developers were welcomed to download for initial testing of the new low-level API; AMD's Vulkan beta drivers can also be used for the Talos Principle.

In an nVidia announcement one hour after the embargo lifted, the company contacted us about its own Vulkan support – not shy to take a few shots at AMD's hour-prior news release. In its email to us, nVidia made the following between-the-lines statement (emphasis theirs):

The Vulkan API has completely taken over AMD's low-level Mantle application program interface, somewhat of a peer to Microsoft's DirectX 12.

It's a competitive space. Mantle tried to push the industry toward more console-like programming – and we mean that in positive ways – by getting developers “close to the metal.” Low-level APIs that bypass the insurmountable overhead of DirectX 11 are the key to unlocking the full potential of modern hardware; DirectX 12 and Vulkan both get us closer to this, primarily by shifting draw calls off the CPU and reducing bottlenecking. GPUs have grown so powerful in their parallel processing that they can assume significant workload that was once placed upon processors – this benefits gamers in particular, since the majority of our workloads are more easily pushed through the GPU.

We've been enjoying the production of our “Ask GN” episodes thus far, and we're rolling cleanly into episode 5 of the series. For this episode, we addressed questions pertaining to DirectX 12, Vulkan, ESD prevention, GPU fan speed vs. temperature correlation, and AMD's GVR.

As always, comments from the YouTube channel were gathered for this video. If you've got questions for the next episode, which airs next week, send us a comment via twitter, YouTube, or post one below. Our thanks to the viewers who've come up with some of the thought-provoking questions we've addressed in previous episodes:

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