SC2 MLG 2012 Open Bracket Update - Day 1, Round 3

24 Aug 2012

MLG Raleigh is in full swing! The StarCraft 2 bracket has been shaping up slowly as players pass in and out of the ranks, but they are indeed shaping up. The event should get more interesting at around 5:30PM or 6PM tonight, for those watching the stream or planning to attend.


You'll find the most recently-updated open bracket (roudn 3) for StarCraft 2 below -- click to enlarge the image.



Update: HuK has progressed and will be facing Scarlett in Round 3.

So far, we can see that IdrA, Scarlett, State, Vibe, and Loser have progressed into the third round; we'll have the final bracket as soon as the information is available - which should be some time around 5:30PM or 6PM.

We'll be tweeting live updates throughout the evening (once the big matches kick-off), so follow us for that.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.