Team EG's Contest: "You Could Make Money... forever."

By Published September 14, 2011 at 2:19 am

StarCraft 2 professional e-sports team EvilGeniuses, whom our flux vane-equipped Overlords secretly filmed at MLG Raleigh 2011, have announced a multi-phase T-Shirt design contest with promise of riches to the best designer.

"Reddit, it's time." Stated the midnight tweet from EG, "we're asking you to design the next e-sports t-shirt. You could make money... forever."


Strategically-speaking (and these guys are amazing with the whole 'strategy' concept), they've made a great move: EG is looking to the enormous hivemind that is /r/StarCraft for feedback on the future of e-sports apparel. EG is looking for StarCraft's best Redditor-designer hybrid to produce a t-shirt that would be sold on SplitReason, with the promise of eternal commission from each sale. The guys at EG have provided the following guidelines for the contest:

- Don't use more than 8 colors in your design and make it print friendly.

- Don't use StarCraft II art or graphics; we don't have authorization to print those.

- Design your shirt for a broad demographic.

"We've decided to come up with a little campaign that is directly for the Redditors, Redditees, Little Reddit Riding Hoods, and generally all e-sports fans in the Cosmos," said EG's post. EG has enforced a time-limit on the first phase (which starts on 9/14 at 6PM EDT) of 4 days for the concept stage, in which time participants will submit their proposed shirt themes to Reddit's /r/StarCraft section for ridicule by the community; the most upvoted concept will move on to the second phase -- the design phase.

The design phase will begin at 7PM EDT on 9/18, at which point "designers will be able to submit their best t-shirt designs centered on the featured, community-selected concept." This stage will endure for 3 more days, at which point the most upvoted design received the inherent rewards of being the face of e-sports, and eternal commission.

Some notable members of EG, for those unaware, are IdrA, HuK, and PuMa, among many other fantastic StarCraft 2 players.

Alternatively, of course, invent a contraption that accepts cheat-code syntax from StarCraft 1, then enter "show me the money" repeatedly in this real-life cheat console. Or you could make a shirt.

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