Mobile Games Revenue to Triple in 4 Years, PS4 Outmatches XBONE

By Published June 25, 2014 at 7:23 am

In the most recent update to the DFC Intelligence Forecast for the games industry, the metrics group notes that a $36 billion industry growth to $100 billion is expected by 2018. This is right in line with what we've been told previously, but new statistics suggest that thirty percent of the entire games industry will be owned by the mobile gaming space.

2013 saw the explosion of mobile gaming, bringing in $10 billion in total revenue from the industry's 1.17 billion gamers. The intelligence firm projects a $19 billion mobile growth -- a total of $29 billion -- by 2018, comprising 30% of total game software revenue. This expansion doesn't come without its growing pains, though:

“The challenge with mobile games is that even as it grows it remains very fragmented and overcrowded. Companies need to be very cautious about their platform strategy and understand which markets and platforms are suitable for their particular product,” DFC analyst Jeremy Miller told the press.

This is a topic we recently discussed in our Skara - The Blade Remains preview video, wherein it was noted that Unreal Engine 4's accessibility doesn't necessarily mean more visibility to new games. In fact, we suggested that it potentially oversaturates the market, making it more difficult for gamers to find new (worthwhile) titles.

Also in DFC's new report is a renewed PS4 vs. Xbox One popularity forecast. The group indicates that Microsoft's marketing missteps in the early stages of the Xbox One could have long-term impact on its sales, even with the $400 Kinect-less SKU:

"Due to some questionable business decisions Microsoft’s broader entertainment strategy is in disarray. [...] Meanwhile the PlayStation 4 is expected to be the leading game system over the next few years."

The PC games forecast was not updated in this report, though we recently spoke with Raptr about the state of PC gaming and its most popular titles.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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