Indie Dev: Protest SOPA, Pirate My Game

By Published January 18, 2012 at 10:22 am

Our friend and developer of Digitanks is offering his game up for free as a protest of SOPA and PROTECT-IP, the two internet censorship bills that are being combated today.

"I encourage everybody to pirate Digitanks for free. If this legislation passes then I won’t be able to make a living on the internet, so you may as well pirate my games," Jorge Rodriguez, developer of Digitanks, posted on his blog.


The game is very good and worth the download, especially since it's free. I'd urge all of you to take advantage of this offer and, hey, you're doing us all a favor by throwing your voice out against SOPA as well.

You can "pirate" the game for free (and completely legally, of course, Lunar Workshop both endorses and is hosting the file) at this location:

Clever. Very clever. Enjoy your free game! It's a fun one.

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Steve Burke

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First world problems, Steve. First world problems.

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