FORCED Game Tournament Features PC Hardware Prizes

By Published October 07, 2013 at 1:31 am

If you recall our coverage of the indie game "Forced" back when it was still in beta/alpha stages, the game is focused on fast-paced-yet-tactical action combat in an arena-like setting.


Built around gladiatorial co-operative 4-player combat, teams of players (or solo acts) venture into an arena, slay hordes of monstrosities, and utilize a unique "spirit mentor" object to trigger interactive objects. The Spirit Mentor follows players around with a tap of the space bar, but can be firmly planted in one place with another tap; this can be used to set up triggers, like planting the Spirit Mentor in one region, then tapping space to have it fly through objects on the map (like healing statues).

Intro to Forced aside, Beta Dwarf—the team behind the game—has announced its partnership with Alienware, SteelSeries, and Intel to host a tournament featuring more than $10,000 in prizes. The prizes include SSDs, keyboards, mice, and other hardware.


The event will be held from October 11 to October 13, and can be found streamed on Twitch. The rules for the tournament can be found here, along with registration and competition guidelines.

In short:

  • The tournament occurs in the weekend 11-13 October.
  • Tournament starts 9.00 am PST Friday
  • Singleplayer winner is found saturday 6.00pm PST
  • Three player winners are found saturday 10.00pm PST
  • Two player winners are found sunday 5.00pm PST
  • Four player winners are found sunday 9.00pm PST
  • (Note specific times might be changed a bit, please check just before the weekend)

    Prizes include:

  • Headset: SteelSeries Siberia v2 Black
  • Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Rubberized
  • Mouse mat: SteelSeries QcK
  • Keyboard: SteelSeries Apex [RAW]
  • Solid State Drive: Intel SSD 520 Series 240GB
  • Bag: Alienware 17" bag

    Continue over to the official Steam Community page for more information. Oh, and if you're looking for more hardware to win, be sure to check out GN's own active contest.

    - Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.


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