Lian-Li PC-V2130 Announces $570 Gargantuan Case & Specs

By Published August 02, 2014 at 3:57 pm

Lian-Li is best known for its focus on all-aluminum, high-quality cases that tend to be priced prohibitively for most system builders. Those who can afford the luxury this time around will find themselves capable of building a server-class rig.

The PC-V2130 -- priced at just $570 for a windowed option, $500 normally -- can fit ten expansion cards, eighteen total 3.5"/2.5" drives, three 280mm radiators, a 360mm GPU (480mm with drive cages removed), and 180mm high CPU coolers. A 200mm PSU is also compatible with the case, so you can truly go server-class with this setup (and probably should, at that price).

At 237 x 640 x 625mm (9.3" x 25.2" x 24.6"), the case could also house a small child or dog.

PC-V2130 Specs

Model PC-V2130A/B/WX
Case Type Full Tower Chassis
Dimensions (W)237mm 
Color Silver
All black with window
Front bezel Material Aluminum
Side Panel Aluminum
Body Material Aluminum
Net Weight 9.8kg
5.25" drive bay (External) x4 
or Option 3.5" x3 (Model: HD-07)
3.5" drive bay (External) None
HDD bay 3.5" HDD x8 
2.5" HDD x4 
3.5" HDD x3 or 2.5" HDD x3(M/B tray)
Expansion Slot 10
Motherboard HPTX
System Fan (Front) 140mm Fan x2
System Fan (Rear) 120mm Fan x1
System Fan (Bottom) 140mm Fan x2
System Fan (Top) 140mm or 120mm Fan x2 (Optional)
I/O Ports USB3.0 x 4
HD Audio
Maximum Compatibility VGA Card length: 360mm – 480mm(Max) 
PSU length: 200mm 
CPU cooler height:180mm
Radiator 240mm or 280mm
PSU ATX PSU (Optional)
Package Dimensions (W) mm
(H) mm
(D) mm
Gross Weight kg

The case includes somewhat standard amenities for Lian-Li: Dust filters in front of the pre-installed five fans, sound insulation on the side panels, panel design that deflects noise away from the user, and fully aluminum paneling.


In keeping with the times, Lian-Li has made the 5.25" cages modular and swappable with additional 3.5" cages. Stock, the V2130 can fit 8x3.5" HDDs in the main cages -- 11x3.5" HDDs if the modular 5.25" cage is swapped. An additional 3x3.5" drives (or 2.5", in all these instances) can fit behind the motherboard.

The enclosure can mount HPTX and XL-ATX motherboards, but also allows standard ATX and -- if you're feeling comical -- Micro-ATX form factors.


Shipping with the stock configuration, system builders are greeted by 2x140mm front fans, 1x120mm rear fan, and 2x140mm bottom fans. The PC-V2130 can also mount an additional 2x140/120mm fans in the top, though you'd perhaps be better off using this space for one of the three possible 280mm radiators.

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- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke. 

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