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By Published August 13, 2014 at 6:19 am

First, a note: We've got a full review of this card coming within the next week, so stay tuned to the social pages for benchmark performance (twitter / facebook / YouTube).

ZOTAC announced today the availability of a new GeForce GTX 750 video card in their graphics lineup. The new "GTX 750 ZONE Edition" video card is cooled entirely passively, strictly using an aluminum heatsink and copper coldplate (with copper heatpipes) for all dissipation. Fans are not outfitted on the GTX 750 ZONE card at all. Judging from the press shots, it looks like two ~6mm copper heatpipes and an aluminum sink are mounted to the board. The ZONE is a dual-slot 750.

ZOTAC assures us that the card "operates at optimal temperatures for long gaming sessions," pointing toward its inherent silence as the major selling point. We're still awaiting our sample for thermal benchmarks, but can put this to the test shortly.


Beyond the passive cooling, everything else is fairly standard to the normal GTX 750 spec. Just in case, here's the official listing for the GTX 750 ZONE:

GPU NVidia GTX 750 (GM107)
Clocks 1033MHz BCLK
1111MHz Boost CLK
CUDA Cores 512
Memory Spec 1GB GDDR5
5000MHz Mem CLK
128-bit interface
Output 1xDL-DVI
Cooling Passive

We do not yet have an MSRP. The device should be available soon, if not already.

- Stewart "stewpot" Brooks.

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