Corsair Announces $540 DDR4 Dominator Platinum Memory Specs

By Published August 15, 2014 at 1:28 pm

DDR4 will see its consumer debut in Intel's X99 HW-E platform, though Broadwell is sticking with DDR3 for now. As the memory manufacturers ramp-up for X99, we're starting to see specs roll out for updated product lines; the most recent is Corsair's Dominator Platinum high-end OC memory, with a new iteration of Vengeance LPX shipping alongside it.

Corsair's Dominator Platinum line is targeted toward extreme overclocking and high-end use, shipping with native operating frequencies of 2666MHz, 2800MHz, and 3000MHz. Overclocking ability is not specified at the time of posting, but Corsair does put significant marketing focus on potential for high OCs. XMP 2.0 profiles are available.

CAS timings are tested at 16-18-18-36, according to the company, with native voltage listed as 1.2V.

As with previous issues of the Dominator Platinum modules, the new sticks will use Corsair's "DHX cooling," which effectively puts the aluminum heatspreader in direct contact with the PCB and memory modules.


A 4x4GB (16GB) DDR4-2800MHz CL16 kit of Corsair's Dominator Platinum memory is priced at an entry-level of just $540. Just.

As for the Vengeance LPX DDR4 memory, a similar 4x4GB (16GB) DDR4-2666MHz CL15 kit is available at a far more affordable $345. Better for those builds with a really tight budget. The new Vengeance kit is low-profile, making it more accessible for large CPU coolers.

Specs are mostly the same, other than timings: CAS timings are listed as 15-17-17-35, voltage is still 1.2V, and frequencies range from 2666MHz to 3000MHz. The unit still uses an aluminum heatspreader, though it's much smaller and presumably won't overclock quite as high.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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