Gigabyte Launches $3000 3-Way GPU Suite with Liquid Cooling

By Published December 16, 2014 at 12:00 am

Video card manufacturer Gigabyte just announced its fully-equipped “Waterforce” GTX 980s, and they've set the MSRP to $3000. The Waterforce setup includes 3xGTX 980s pre-overclocked, each attached to an individual radiator; the three radiators then get mounted in the external watercooling box, which sits atop the PC enclosure. Pipe clamps, bridges, 5.25” external controllers, and mounting hardware are all included.


The entire Waterforce unit includes an OLED panel with real-time temperature output, fan RPM control, and variable pump RPM control. When tweaked appropriately, the company states that thermal performance is improved (temperature lowered) by 42.6% over the reference air cooled GTX 980.


If you're wondering why anyone would spend $3000 on a special liquid-cooled, 3-way SLI GTX 980 setup, so were we. Here's what Gigabyte says:

“The WATERFORCE is specially designed for the gamers who dream about a silent and powerful SUPER PC. No more noise-nightmare or problem of uneven temperatures while using multiple graphics cards.”

That's not much convincing, but I suppose anyone doing extreme overclocking in a 3-way setup would get use out of the Waterforce solution. The PSU requirement is listed as 1200W minimum for the system.

Here's the system in action:

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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