AMD Zen Architecture Rumored for 4Q16, Alleged "40% Improvement" Over Steamroller

By Published September 12, 2015 at 9:56 pm

A recent post by Digitimes, known for reporting on leaked or unofficial information, claims that AMD's anticipated Zen architecture is slated for a late 2016 arrival “at the earliest.” This news follows AMD's nearly endless financial spiral, something we reported on earlier this week. The company is now substantially less than the price it paid for ATi in 2006, a purchase that exceeded $5 billion in acquisition cost to AMD.

AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) is presently trading for $2.01, a stark change from its same-period $3.91 value last year. 1H15 earnings reports indicate a $360 million loss for the company, including a decline in its semi-custom solutions market, where the console chips reside.

Digitimes cites unnamed “sources from motherboard players” as indicating low yield for Zen as the primary delaying factor for shipment of the 14nm FinFET chip. The same unnamed sources boast an “expected […] 40% improvement in performance compared to AMD's existing x86 architecture.”

Please remember your grain of salt with these claims and rumors.

Read the Digitimes article here.

Steve Burke

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