Week's Hardware News: Broadwell-E, 970 Hybrid, Asetek v. AMD, & More

By Published December 11, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Considering the year is coming to a close, this past week has been one of the most active weeks for hardware news in recent months. Intel's alleged Broadwell-E CPU SKUs were leaked, EVGA's GTX 970 Hybrid – using a CLC like the 980 Ti – was announced, Asetek issued C&Ds to AMD & Gigabyte, AMD moved FreeSync to HDMI, and Corsair shipped its 600C case.

A lot going on, then.

The hot topic has been the Asetek v. AMD C&D, something to which both AMD and Cooler Master have officially responded (emailing us direct statements). We've been following the story closely as it has developed and are actively speaking with involved parties to better understand the full scope of action. Broadwell-E, of course, is big news for enthusiast desktop users, as is the 970 Hybrid's $400 launch.

Learn about all the major stories from the week in the below video:

Editorial, Co-Host: Steve Burke.
Co-Host: Lyndell Chase.
Video Editing: Keegan Gallick.

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