Ask GN: VCCIO & PLL, Make-or-Break Architectures, & FRAPS Replacement

By Published April 27, 2016 at 8:00 pm

The first “Ask GN” since leaving for PAX East, we delve into topics exploring voltage configurations for overclocking, AMD's Zen / Polaris architectures and the make-or-break pressure, alternatives to FRAPS in DirectX 12/Vulkan, and upgrades.

The questions are posted below the video with timestamps, as always.

For anyone interested in the final question in the video (paraphrased: “Should I buy Polaris or Pascal and sell my 980 Ti?”), you may be interested in our recent “Polaris & Pascal: Buy or Wait?” content we published.

00:21 – obzen33: “Hey, Steve! Would you be able to explain these various voltage settings i found in my UEFI? They are VCCIO, VCC PLL and VCSSA. Thanks!?”

03:36 – centmarche: “Considering AMD's poor results over the last years in market shares compared to those of its competitors, if the next Polaris GPU lineup doesn't make AMD's market share go up, should we expect it to be the last generation of team red GPUs ? Same question for ZEN architecture on the CPU side.”

05:49 – Oberscht: “Okay, how about this one: Fraps hasn't been updated for three years. Do you know of any program that's going to take its place in a Vulkan/DX12 world? That is, a program with the usability, stability, and functionality of Fraps. So far I've only seen recommendations for software that only does parts of it, like videos, and not even in a good way, like Afterburner which crashed constantly and Shadowplay which requires fullscreen. Is there anything in active development that even comes close to Fraps??”

08:11 – Jonathan Cave: “I am tempted to sell my 980 ti now whilst i wait for Pascal and Polaris. Which of these looks more promising based on the limited information available as of now??”

Editorial: Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke
Video Production: Andrew “ColossalCake” Coleman

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