NZXT Re-Refreshes H440 with EnVyUs Special Edition

By Published June 08, 2016 at 3:05 pm

Our recent NZXT factory tour showed how the burgeoning case manufacturer manufactures its towers – from tooling to assembly – and gave an insider's look at the industry. Now, just a few weeks later, NZXT has announced its refreshed H440 “EnVyUs” Edition, named after the popular eSports team that competes in CSGO, CoD, LoL, and now Overwatch.

The H440 is similar to the model we reviewed back in 2014 (and said it was “why we review cases,”), but has been updated with the H440v2 modifications. These primarily include updates to the airflow – like larger intake ventilation – and have been in production for around a year now. Newegg lists the H440v2 as the “H440 STEEL.”

The “EnVyUs” edition of the case keeps the updates from the previous refresh, but adds branding for the eSports team. The case is branded front-and-center with the EnVyUs logo and colors its PSU shroud in a dark blue, matching the team's colors. NZXT says that the cases uses the same blue (“#BoysInBlue”) that EnVyUs officially deploys.

NZXT has previously partnered its H440 with Razer, resulting in an upscaled price but the addition of some green LEDs and coloration not available otherwise.

The H440 EnVyUs retails at $140 MSRP, which is higher than the current price of the H440 STEEL, but will likely fall slightly in price as the case hits the market.

Specs are the same as the “normal” H440,” and the case includes 3x120mm front intake fans, 1x140mm rear exhaust fan, and hosts space for 2x140mm top fans.

More information here:

- Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke.

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