Razer Lancehead & Tournament Edition High-End Mice Specs Revealed

By Published April 27, 2017 at 11:00 am

Razer is pulling the curtains on a pair of high-end gaming mice: the wireless Razer Lancehead and the wired Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition. Razer touts the new mice as being “tournament-grade” in terms of accuracy, performance, and reliability. The two variants of the Razer Lancehead share many features: the sensor and Razer’s proprietary “Adaptive Frequency Technology” are the chief modifiers.

Razer Lancehead

The wireless Razer Lancehead—much like the refreshed Diamondback and high-end Mamba series—uses a 5G laser sensor with up to 50g acceleration and 16,000 DPI/210 inches per second tracking. The refreshed Diamondback and Mamba/Mamba TE all used a Philips Twin Eye sensor. It is unclear if that is the case with the Razer Lancehead, but given the specs, it’s plausible.

Perhaps the most interesting detail underpinning the Razer Lancehead is Razer’s Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT). The wireless Razer Lancehead will use a 2.4 GHz USB dongle to communicate with the PC via the 2.4 GHz transmission spectrum. As astute readers might know, the 2.4 GHz band can be an increasingly crowded radio wave space with routers/gateways, microwaves, cellphones (especially connected via wifi), and other connected devices. This can cause interference and dilute device throughput—Razer’s AFT avows to resolve this by actively hopping to the strongest, interference-free channel within the 2.4 GHz band, and only doing so when necessary. As for what exactly governs this technology, we’re not sure; however, Razer is supposed to apprise us of more technical details closer to launch.

Additionally, the Razer Lancehead will feature hybrid on-board and cloud memory courtesy of the upcoming Razer Synapse Pro, which is currently in Beta. According to Razer, using Synapse Pro, mouse and user settings can be saved to both the mouse and cloud. Users can then access their profile and use the mouse exactly like it was used previously. All this can be done on any computer, with or without an internet connection. Again, details are scarce about this. We hope to learn more soon.

The Razer Lancehead uses Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches—a collaboration with Omron. These switches are said to be rated for 50 million clicks, optimized for better response time, and tuned for minimal click latency. Also, the Razer Lancehead will feature RGB lighting via Razer Chroma. The Razer Lancehead will go for a price of $140, and is expected to be available May/June 2017.

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Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

The wired counterpart, the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition, is equipped with a 5G optical sensor capable of 16,000 DPI/450 inches per second tracking and up to 50g of acceleration. Razer claims a resolution accuracy of 99.4 percent.

Much like its sibling, the Tournament Edition will offer the same ambidextrous form, Razer Mechanical Swtiches, RGB lighting via Razer Chroma, and hybrid on-board and cloud memory through the upcoming Razer Synapse Pro (Beta).

The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition is available now for $80.

Visit razerzone.com for more info.

- Eric Hamilton.

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