Intel i9-7900X Die Size & CPU Size (& Full Res Delid Images)

By Published June 02, 2017 at 6:20 am

Following our recent delidding of the Intel i9-7900X, we received a few questions asking for the die size and CPU size of the new 10C/20T Intel CPU. We decided to return to the GSkill booth, where overclocker Der8auer helped us delid the CPU, to take some measurements. The original delidding video is here.

On to the sizes: This was measured with a media gift ruler on a show floor, so it’s accurate enough. Millimeters are millimeters.

Intel i9-7900X die size: ~22mm x 14mm

Intel i9-7900X CPU size (full package): ~45mm x 52mm

And some photos, just for reference:

Intel i9-7900X Die Size (Skylake X)

intel 7900x delid die size 1

intel 7900x delid die size 2

Intel i9-7900X CPU Size

intel 7900x delid cpu size 1

intel 7900x delid cpu size 2

Keep in mind that other packages will use different die sizes. The 14C, 16C, and 18C CPUs are all based on a larger CPU (with locked cores). We are not yet sure of KBL-X die size.

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