Threadripper Will Include Asetek Retention Kit in Retail Package

By Published July 25, 2017 at 6:19 pm

GamersNexus today received word from a manufacturer (that asked to remain unnamed) that AMD’s Threadripper CPUs will include Asetek retention kits in the retail packaging for the product, though a cooler itself will not be included; at least, not in the initial launch of Threadripper products. From what we’ve seen of AMD’s unveiled box, it’s clear that no cooler is included, but the Asetek retention kit will permit all Asetek-made CLCs to mount Threadripper at launch. This would include popular products like the NZXT Kraken series, EVGA CLC series, and about half of Corsair’s coolers (the other half being CoolIT-made). The H100iV2 and H115i are included in the list of Asetek-made Corsair coolers, for clarity.


The retention kit will use odd hole spacing, with numbers atop the retentioner corresponding to the mounting order indicated on AMD’s TR4 socket. Numbers 2 & 3, corresponding with the two pegs closest to the PCIe slot, are of a wider stance, while numbers 1 & 4 (nearest the VRM heatsink) are closer together.

As discussed in our past coverage, the copper coldplate is sufficiently large to cover the Threadripper die area, though will not make full contact with the IHS. We won't be sure how much this matters until we have the CPU in hand, but Threadripper's spacing between the dies does imply that they will be outside of the central mass of the microfins. We'll test this once we have a CPU. Asetek's copper coldplates are the same size on all of its Gen 4, Gen 4.5, and Gen 5 pumps.

Threadripper will be usable with the existing lineup of Asetek-made coolers, in the very least, and is further validated by Alienware’s use of a Gen5 Asetek CLC in their Area 51. It’d be reasonable to assume that smaller radiators (like the H55, for instance) are inadvisable for Threadripper. Just looking at Intel’s recent high-wattage CPUs, it’s looking like 240mm or larger radiators will be preferable for TR4 mounting.

Just some interesting news we wanted to share.

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