Colorful GTX 1070 Ti Vulcan X PCB & VRM Analysis

By Published October 31, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Buildzoid returns with an analysis of the Colorful GTX 1070 Ti Vulcan X PCB and VRM, including some brief discussion on shorting the shunts of the new 1070 Ti card. Colorful is attempting to get into the Western market, and the GTX 1070 Ti launch will be their maiden voyage in that attempt. We received the Vulcan X card first -- for which we presently have no MSRP -- and tore it down a few days ago. Our PCB analysis, embedded below, takes an XOCer's look at the VRM quality and implementation.

Learn more below:


Our GTX 1070 Ti review is still forthcoming, of course: The card will release on November 2, and it is reasonable to assume we would have a review alongside launch. We presently have the Colorful card shown above, an EVGA 1070 Ti, and the reference card. As the Colorful card came in earlier than the others, we will have our initial review done on that one -- but it doesn't much matter, outside of thermals and noise. The cards are all at the same clocks.

More on that soon. Our H700i review goes up tomorrow.

News: Steve Burke
Video: Buildzoid of AHOC & Andrew Coleman

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