New PC Case Costs $950: Singularity Spectre

By Published February 24, 2018 at 3:43 am

Singularity Computers, best known for their exorbitant, high-end custom PC builds, have steadily been expanding their brand into the landscape of PC hardware, with their latest foray being cases. Under a new subsidiary, Singularity Cases, Singularity is set to release their inaugural case: Spectre.

Spectre is a mid tower chassis, constructed from aluminum and glass, and supports up to EATX motherboards. The focal point of Spectre is the custom, CNC-machined acrylic block that serves both a distribution manifold and motherboard tray. This custom block is replete with channels for routing fluid, a fill port, and a drain port. Additionally, Spectre comes with an integrated reservoir, so prospective buyers need not worry about space or mounting options for cylindrical reservoirs. Also, the Spectre case includes space to integrate the pump, with a pump top and cover included; users just need to procure a pump motor. All D5 pumps are listed as compatible. Spectre also has mounting points for a second pump, should tandem loops become interesting. Lastly, on the rear of the distribution block, Singularity incorporated unique channels and cable combs for routing and hiding cables.

Spectre offers 360mm radiator support at both the front and top panels, supporting radiators up to 60mm thick. Currently, 3x 2.5” drives are supported, but with a separate accessory, a 3.5” drive can be added. In addition, accessories can also be obtained to mount GPUs vertically, or mount the case to a wall. Spectre’s front panel I/O consists of USB 3.1 connectivity and audio.

Spectre will cost $950, with first 100 cases shipping within 4-6 weeks. Afterwards, orders will take 8-10 weeks to ship. If the price seems steep, keep in mind this is a premium product designed for water cooling enthusiasts. The case also includes several components for a custom loop that would otherwise have to be purchased separately.

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Editorial: Eric Hamilton

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