Ask GN 71: Can Undervolting Hurt GPUs & CPUs? OC Damage

By Published February 25, 2018 at 11:04 pm

This newest episode of Ask GN furthers out latest video discussion where we demonstrated how to kill a motherboard VRM with zealous overclocking, found here. The continuation of this discussion (in Ask GN) starts with questions positing whether it's possible to damage GPU or CPU components from overdone undervolting, and then follows-up by asking about whether overclocking just memory (on a GPU) can somehow "hurt" the memory.

In addition to this, we take questions on GPU heatsink damage, liquid metal ongoing maintenance and nail polish/electrical tape application for SMD protection, personal triumphs/failures in hardware, and case airflow. Floatplane is also briefly mentioned.

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02:15 – Notwist: “@Steve Burke quick question: can undervolting a GPU hurt the card in any way? Particularly if, during testing, you undervolt too far and it gets unstable?”

04:54 – PimpThySky: “#askgn-questions Why did Nvidia decide to go 20xx instead of 11xx like a lot of people were saying? Thx for great content.”

05:56 – Galiu: “#askgn-questions @Steve Burke Is it possible to damage/degrade a GPU more than in a normal use case (base clocks) JUST BY overclocking the memory too high? No overvoltage, power limit would be under 70 and good temps (55-60c). I'm asking this because for example, I have a MSI 1060 3GB with Samsung memory. I can overclock it with +1000 and it doesn't crash when mining. But in benchmarking I can see artifacts, so I keep my OC at +700 even though I could potentially get some extra MH.”

12:12 - Andrewz Ravenz: “I took my reference R9 290X to a computer shop for changing the fan, thermal pads and thermal paste. A day later they called me telling that the heat sink is damaged and needs replacing. I asked what was wrong with it and they said that it had ran at high temperatures and has changed color. I told them to keep as it is for the time being. I am not sure if I should ask them to get a new heat sink because it does not make sense that it is unusable just because the color has changed and that heat sinks get damaged from running at high temperatures. Maybe the liquid or gas in the heat pipes is permeated although that would not make sense because why would there be a gas or a liquid with a temperature range that lets it permeate at a temperature where graphics cards would work at. My question is that could a heat sink get damaged from a graphics card at 100 °C or even 120 °C in an extreme case scenario? At what temperature does the gas or liquid in a heat pipe permeate?”

16:33 - Homer Thompson: “I don't want a free shirt, but can I have a free puck?”

17:33 - Blessman Fred: “Why don't you guys show off some crazy hardware builds like a lot of other YouTubers? Not necessarily custom loop stuff.”

18:22 – SerpentXSF: “@Steve Burke #askgn-questions Steve if I used liquid metal on GPU die, while using nail polish or electrical tape to protect surrounding areas, how often would I need to maintenance the graphics card? Would the electrical tape or nail polish degraded over time?”

21:48 - II ARROWS: “How do you think the original "OUT OF THE BOX THERMALS!" feels right now? Does he still watch you?”

23:12 – silkmonkey: “When did you have a surprising triumph (ie reviving dead hardware) or screw up (ie broke a part with ESD) and what did you learn?”

25:20 – Karl: “#AskGN With all these TG panel cases coming out, like the Corsair 500D with gaps between the panels for dust entry, does this affect Airflow/Thermals within the case or is it minimal? Would a non-gap sidepanel perform better? Airtight sidepanel?”

27:59 – Brammm: “@Steve Burke apologies if it's been asked/answered before, but in your latest ask GN you ranted about commenters for a little while and you mentioned you weren't planning on doing pre-release content. We know you have some kind of professional relationship with LTT and I saw your Floatbird tweet to Luke, would you consider using Floatplane or rather stick with Patreon?”

30:45 - Resident Peanute: “What’s Snowflakes out of the bed thermals?”

Steve Burke

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