Cooler Master Unleashes the Storm Trooper Case

By Published October 02, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Cooler Master recently announced their new full tower “Storm Trooper” case, and indeed, it is a very cool case; the Storm Trooper will offer fan and LED controllers on the front of the case, USB 3.0 options, several fan expansion options, and optimized air current channels to accelerate airflow as it enters the case, yielding maximum cooling efficiency. In theory.

Cooling System

The case fits a total of eight fans, of which four ship with initial purchase -- you'll get a 200mm, 140mm, and 2x120mm fans with your investment. This case will have no problem keeping your components at a low temperature.

Cooler Master also assures us that the case can easily be configured for a liquid cooling system, as with the Thermaltake Chaser MK- I LCS.


Liquid Cooling Support

- Top: 240mm optional

- Front: customizable

- Bottom: 240mm

- Rear: 120/140mm all-in-one (AIO) kit

Additional prevalent high-end attractions include: support for up to fourteen HDDs, XL- ATX motherboard form factor support, and a convenient SSD docking station placed dead-center of the top of the case. The case is fitted for bottom-mounting power supplies, as many other modern cases.


The Cooler Master Storm Trooper also comes with a top-mounted handle to, despite its hefty demeaner, increase mobility. This handle can allegedly support up to 95 lbs; we'll take your word on that one, Cooler Master, no one in the office can lift quite that much. Separately, to combat dust issues, there are many dust filters to help keep the inside of the case relatively clean, although they are overshadowed by the fan and LED controllers on the top of the case that make it ultra-convenient to prepare your computer for a long, drawn-out gaming session.


There is not doubt that this case can fit multiple GPUs and, from what we're told, the case also has a pretty decent cable management system.

This rugged-looking tower will be releasing on October 4th. Those of you looking to perhaps upgrade to a new case (or looking to assemble our hardcore gaming system), definitely keep this case in mind. This is a high-end case, so it has a pricy tag attached to it. It will cost you around $190 MSRP, so it is in the same league as the previously mentioned Chaser MK-I (non-LCS edition), and if you're of rich blood, might even go well with some of Corsair's new Vengeance gaming peripherals.

If you are interested in finding out more about the “Storm Trooper”, check out Cooler Master's site here.

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