NZXT Switch 810 Case Released

By Published February 05, 2012 at 10:57 pm

We've recommended NZXT on occasion in our budget PC guides, but there's something different about this one: It's large, has room for up to 6 fans (almost all of which are 140mm), and is $170 MSRP. The NZXT Switch 810 follows a new trend in gaming case design (like the Thermaltake Snow) that brings a slick, white/black combination as an alternative to an otherwise dark selection of cases.

NZXT's Switch 810 feels like it's straight out of a Clone Trooper's bedroom -- it's clean-cut and very straightforward. You get what you see (there is a black variation, though). Here's the spec break-down:



Cooling System

Front 1x140mm (intake) (included)
1x120/140mm (optional)
Top 1x140mm (exhaust) (included)

1x140mm (exhaust) (included)
2x120/140mm (optional)

Bottom 2x120mm/140mm (optional)
Internal 1x140mm (adjustable) (included)
1x120/140mm (optional)

Drive Bays

External 4x5.25" external bays
Internal 6x3.5" internal bays
Features Screwless rails


With a white/black design, white LEDs, and fancy interior featuers (screwless brackets, easy mounting rails, and a lot of space), the Switch 810 stands out for gamers that want a "clean" look to their system. The performance is relatively untested, but it certainly has a lot of room for fans. NZXT has been criticized in the past for noisy fan choices and poor noise control, so you may want to wait for some user reviews and tweak guides to pop-up if you prefer quiet gaming (which we explain here, if you want to set it up yourself).

The case is fairly standard in terms of the average gaming case: it's 20lbs, 9.25"x23.4"x23", and fits most form factors (ATX, microATX, mini-ITX, XL-ATX, E-ATX).

We'll keep you posted on developments and let you know if we review any!

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