Gigabyte's New 6000DPI Toy: The Force M7 Thor

By Published November 01, 2012 at 2:02 am

Gigabyte has revealed the next in its "FORCE" line of high-end gaming peripherals: the Force M7 Thor gaming mouse. With a 6000 DPI laser sensor, it should work well for twitch-gaming applications and Ultra-HD resolution displays (3840x2160).

Basic Specs:

- 6000 DPI. That's impressive, given that the 6000 DPI is pretty much the ceiling on modern gaming mice; Steel Series still sits above this, hovering at 11,400 DPI for its Sensei mouse. Still, the high DPI means a very sensitive mouse for very high resolution monitors, as well as great options for scaling and customization: When you start out at the top, you can adjust downwards for any application that might need lower sensitivity.

- Reinforced 1.8 meter USB cable with a gold plated connector. This mouse should last a good while, hopefully without the cable fraying or breaking off at the ends.

- 5 programmable buttons (center, left, right, and two on what is the left side of the mouse if held in the right hand).

- 3 preset DPI profiles at 800, 1600, and 5600 DPI. A switch on top of the mouse selects the current profile, meaning that you can quickly and easily select (for example) a high=DPI for quick, precise movements in fast-paced games, a low DPI for slow mouse movements while zooming in with a sniper rifle, and a "Goldilocks" medium mode for everyday use.

-Weighs 110 grams, which should be weighty enough to be noticeable, but not so much that it hinders movement.

Gigabyte's main focus here is clearly on the Thor's high DPI, theoretically helpful for twitch response and competitive gaming applications. Five programmable buttons is plenty for most users, but a little sparse compared to other, more targeted "MMO mice" (Corsair's M90, for instance, has fifteen buttons). The symmetrical, wasp-waisted design should work for both right and left-handed people, but lefties might have a harder time with the two side buttons. The mouse also features a matte, non-slick surface with rubber grips, and extra-large teflon pads.

force-m7-1 force-m7-2


You can read more about the FORCE M7 Thor here.

- Patrick Lathan.

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