HAF XB LAN Box and Test Bench Case Detailed

By Published November 18, 2012 at 3:40 am

A new addition to Cooler Master's HAF (High Air Flow) series is born: the HAF XB LAN box and test bench. It's designed to be lightweight and durable enough to be used at LAN events, yet maintain enough space for good airflow and ease of access, and judging by Cooler Master's specs, it's succeeded on both fronts.


The HAF XB measures 17.4W x 13H x 16.7D inches (442x330x423mm), and weighs just over 18 pounds (8.2kg). That may sound a bit hefty for something being marketed as portable, but keep in mind that the original HAF X weighs a full 31.6 lbs (14.35 kg), and even the smaller HAF XM mid-tower is 23.1 lbs (10.5kg).

Cooling remains a major priority, as is fitting for a Cooler Master case. The front and top contain large mesh panels, and the case fits 2x120mm or 140mm fans in front, a 120mm and 2x80mm fans in rear, and a giant 200mm fan on top. The 120mm slot in the rear can also be filled with a liquid cooling radiator of the same size, and the two in front by a long 240mm radiator. Inside, there are two distinct chambers to direct airflow: One contains the PSU and disk drives, the other hosts the motherboard and attached cards.

haf-xb-2 haf-xb-4


The HAF XB is not, however, a stubby version of the earlier HAF cases. It's designed to accommodate CPU coolers 7.1 inches (180mm) tall, and up to three 13.1 inch (334mm) video cards. There are four "X-Dock" drive slots accessible from the front—two each of 3.5" and 2.5" bays—so plug-n-play storage drives can be connected quickly and easily; there are also seven expansion slots. Best of all, though, the HAF XB converts into a test bench with the removal of the top and two sides, providing full access to the upper cooling chamber where the motherboard and expansion cards are placed.


The front panel is nothing fancy, but it does have 3.5mm audio in/out and two USB 3.0 jacks. Additional features include a removable filter for the PSU and embedded carrying handles on the two removable sides. If you frequently go to LAN events or need a compact test bench, the HAF XB might be worth a consideration. Our previous review of the SUGO SG08 may also be of interest to you, although it is certainly an "upper-range" option.

You can find more images of the HAF XB here -- the top looks a bit funny, so if you're thinking of buying it, make sure you check if that part of the design fits your targeted theme. Cooler Master also informed us of their new CM Storm QuickFire TK mechanical keyboard, found here.

We'll have a review online once we've received review samples, so keep an eye out for that.

- Patrick Lathan.

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