Thermalright's HTPC/Mini-ITX Low Profile CPU Cooler

By Published December 07, 2012 at 9:46 am

I know, I know -- we've posted almost exclusively CPU cooling articles recently, but this new unit is worth a look: Thermalright's new AXP-100 cooler is marketed for mini-ITX and small form factor systems that need low-profile cooling (like HTPCs).


After exploring how CPU coolers work in our previous article, this one stands out as particularly unique for a small option -- it's equipped with 6x6mm heatpipes, can fit 120mm or 140mm fans, and uses nickel plated copper for its contact surfaces. The AXP-100 is 58mm (2.28") tall from the base and has four fan positions to maximize RAM / GPU mounting tolerance, theoretically making it a versatile cooler for small cases and HTPC applications.

The stock fan is rated for 900~2500RPM at 22~30dBA (respectively), making it a bit on the louder side of the spectrum for higher RPMs, but acceptable on the low side. Replacing the stock fan with a 140mm unit (if it will fit for your purposes) should reduce noise slightly. Air flow is marketed as 6.05~44.57CFM, though we're a bit confused as to why it scales so low.


Given the relatively small size of the still-growing HTPC market, small form factor-friendly cooler options have been pretty limited for buyers -- and the stock coolers scream at unbearable noise levels when under load. We'll reach out and try to get a review online for all of you as soon as possible!

There is currently no US price set.

You can view the product in more depth here:

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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