Giving Away 20 Forced: Showdown Codes, 2 Mech Keyboards

By Published March 25, 2016 at 3:41 pm

BetaDwarf's launch of Forced, its co-operative action brawler of critical acclaim, established a sound foundation for the indie studio. It's easy to get trapped in the role of perpetually attempting to recreate the success of previous launches – we've all seen it – and BetaDwarf is working hard to avoid becoming “type-cast” as a maker of co-op arcade-brawlers. But it's risky to build a new IP – so BetaDwarf's taken a rare, but logical path: Build upon the franchise IP with a deviation from the core genre mechanics, netting a new type of game with familiar characters.

Forced: Showdown gameplay takes the primordial composition of “Forced” to build upon the playful, action-driven arena mechanics, but switches a few ingredients. For one, co-operartive play is gone; Showdown is all about single-player arena-crawling. Cards have also been added – like playing cards in a CCG, but simplified. Cards are dealt (and can be mulliganed) at the beginning of each major arena match, adding ancillary mechanics that deepen the pool of strategies. Companions, another add-on, have effectively replaced Spirit Mentor Balfus and add a more brute-force means of supporting the player.

We'll have a full review of Showdown online shortly, but for now, we're giving away twenty keys for the game. We're also handing-out two mechanical keyboards, five jerseys, and five 'swag bags,' thanks to supporting system integrator iBUYPOWER (makers of the Revolt 2 SFF PC).

How do I win?

There are 20 game keys, two keyboards, five jerseys (shirts), and five swag bags. There are several ways to try to receive one of the items:

Of these methods, we will select respondents for each of the methods and assign keys. Should you receive one of the game keys or keyboards, you will be contacted through the means which you were selected (twitter users will receive a @tweet or DM; YouTube via comment reply, etc.). You may enter once with each of the above methods, stacking chances. We have also listed the first few codes for redemption in the video, for activation on Steam.

What's the deadline?

You must make all entries by the game's launch date, March 29, 2016 at 11:59PM EST. We will select winners at this time. Winners will be notified within 24 hours.

Restrictions / Notices

Read full contest guidelines and policy here.

  • All relevant laws apply for your nation and state.

  • We can't give stuff to users located in embargoed countries, like Iran, Syria, NK, etc.

  • You must have a Steam account to redeem the game.

Game code recipients may be located globally, within certain parameters (above).

For the physical products (mechanical keyboards, shirts, swag bags), you must be located in the US. Promo

Unrelated to our game code giveaway, the Forced: Showdown team is reducing the launch price of its game for every minute of Twitch streaming content viewed. Watching Twitch streams of Forced: Showdown gameplay grants various perks, instant access, and discounts. Learn more about that from the official team.

Learn more about Forced: Showdown on Steam, or more about iBUYPOWER and its keyboards, peripherals, and systems on its website.

Editorial, Host: Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke
Video Production: Andrew “ColossalCake” Coleman

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