GN's First Two Livestreams: Live Camera Tear-Downs

By Published July 21, 2017 at 11:24 pm

For those who don't follow the YouTube channel as closely as the website, it's possible that you may have missed out on our first two livestreams. Both have VODs up on the YouTube channel over here: GN Live #1 - Seidon Cooler Tear-Down & GN Live #2 - EK Open Loop & Vega Work.

We don't have any plans to start a regularly scheduled stream, but we are working on just streaming when the team is building/unbuilding things anyway. For now, we wanted to take apart and build the stuff shown in streams #1 and #2, so it made sense to set them live.


Our goals with the stream, at least immediately, are to follow these basic approaches:

  1. A live camera (manned by Andrew Coleman) will help increase the quality of the stream, rather than using a fixed camera setup. This gives a unique viewing experience for a stream, we think, and is part of what we're doing to try and set our streams apart.
  2. Live interaction with chat. With thanks to moderators in stream #2, we are able to keep an eye on questions as they come in and try to engage with the audience in a very direct way while disassembling things.

The experience has been fantastic thus far, and we've had a lot of fun with the streaming mode of content delivery. We're not "switching" to streaming as any sort of primary mode of content, but we will be adding it to the pool to increase the content variety on the channel. Using streaming as an excuse to better interact with the audience is also a huge plus for us, and we're excited to get this level of engagement with everyone.

Keep an eye out for more streams soon! In the meantime, here are the first two (keep in mind that they're long, in the nature of being streamed):

Stay tuned for more, as ever.

- Steve

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Steve Burke

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First world problems, Steve. First world problems.

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