Heat Signature #12: Planet Explorers RPG Overview & Gameplay

By Published March 30, 2013 at 4:14 pm

In this episode of Saturday Heat Signature (the 12th installment!), we take a gander at the upcoming Kickstarter project by Pathea Games: Planet Explorers.

The game focuses on survival and colonization, with the core concept being that you (a survivor of a crashed colony spaceship) must scrounge-up resources, establish a base camp, and assemble other survivors in effort to make your place on this new world. Planet Explorers has a massive scope, and for purposes of simplifying things (perhaps a bit too much), it can almost be thought of as an amalgamation of Spore and Minecraft: The game has fairly freeform customization in terms of vehicles, structures, weapons, and is also voxel-based (non-cuboid, for once), allowing full point-to-point destruction or manipulation of terrain.

Everything's described pretty thoroughly in our Planet Explorers gameplay preview & overview video, found below:


The Kickstarter campaign is here. Remember: invest wisely and research first.

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That's all for this one! See you next week.

- Steve.

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