Greenlight Spotlight: Top Steam Greenlight Games to Watch, ep. 2

By Published September 07, 2012 at 1:28 pm

This is Episode 2 of our brand new Greenlight Spotlight series! We kicked off the new series last week and are working through hundreds of games to find you the ones that are most worthy of being watched! We need your help, though, and would love it if you could comment below (or on the youtubes) and let us know what games you think deserve a spotlight!

Continue on for episode 2 of the Steam Greenlight Spotlight video, where we look at the Top 7 games to watch on Greenlight!


What is Steam Greenlight?

Steam's "Greenlight" sector of their Steam Community page is a section dedicated to upcoming games vying for a chance to land on Steam. Games which reach 100% of the required yes votes will be sent to Valve for review, and upon passing, they will be available on Steam for purchase and/or download!

And for easy access, here are the games we featured:


Here's a transcript of the video, for those lacking video playback capabilities at work. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone that you're here:

This is our second episode of Greenlight Spotlight, our series which highlights upcoming Steam candidates! With all of your suggestions we received in the comments of the first video and on the reddits, we've worked in seven stellar-looking games for this episode! Let us know below what games you want to be featured in episode 3!

Dream: Moving on: In slot number seven of this week's spotlighted games, we find Dream, a beautifully-rendered, first-person exploration game set within a classic three-act narrative that has our character exploring his dreams. With a feel similar to Dear Esther, Dream casts us into non-linear, 3D environments with multiple possible game endings. In each act, we find ourselves exploring our character's dreams, nightmares, and attempting to solve puzzles and unveil secrets to progress through this story-driven adventure.

Dungeon Dashers: Dungeon Dashers takes number Six this week, with its fast-paced, co-operative dungeon-crawling gameplay; this turn-based dungeon delving game has quote, "hand-crafted dungeon experiences," each riddled with traps and varied monster configurations. The game features a completely original chiptune soundtrack, retro pixel art, a crafting system, and a huge focus on epic loot. The game has online co-op and singleplayer and focuses on a party of four characters - each of the classic class archetypes.

Routine: Routine makes number 5! This survival horror game places players in an open-world styled, abandoned space station - or, as open as a space station gets, anyway - and is centered around... floppy disks. Its heavy story focus provides multiple outcomes and intriguing secrets behind the station's decay. Routine's notable gameplay mechanics are its full-body awareness, lack of HUD and health system, and pressure to hide and survive. Its trailer feels like Amnesia, Dead Space, and the 80's version of our future.

Inquisitor: Number four this week is Inquisitor, a Baldur's Gate-esque classic RPG that reports over 100 hours of gameplay, 90 monsters, 180 NPCs, and - quite unbelievably - 5,000 pages of text. That's around 1.5 MILLION words, according to the devs. The world crumbles as heretics run rampant, chanting infernal incantations and bringing death upon the townsfolk. It is your team's job to interrogate these heretics, and - when necessary - kill them.

Octodad: Changing pace from the dark confines of Inquisitor, we look to Octodad: The Dadliest Catch! The first Octodad received worldwide renown in the indie scene for its silly story and fluid mechanics, but the eight-legged father masquerading as a human has returned! In The Dadliest Catch, you work desperately to conceal your tentacles as a family trip to the Aquarium turns fishy and you find yourself longing for a life at sea. The third-person mechanics are centered around subterfuge and destruction, with a hint of fatherhood simulation thrown in.

Project Zomboid: Project Zomboid is already available through the developer, but is seeking to come to Steam! The devs put it best: Project Zomboid is an "open-ended, zombie-infested sandbox," as they say, and it is not a matter of how you'll survive, but rather how you'll die. Yes, they have that much faith in us. Lay defenses, collect essentials, and fight off hordes of zombies as you battle through this isometric survival game. The world is ever-expanding and laced with stories and sandbox play, providing a bit of something for everyone.

Black Mesa: Years in development and in just as many years of seclusion, Black Mesa has finally come to a point of playability. This re-construction of the original Half-Life has us playing through the Black Mesa research facility, where the original game has been expanded to include deeper mechanical interaction and a completely re-built story. This Source mod has broken into the category of 'full game' with its new music, dialogue, voice acting, thousands of new models and VFX, and many more features. Black Mesa will be available for free starting on September 14th, but it needs your vote to make it to Steam!

That's it for this week of Greenlight Spotlight, everyone! Comment below and vote for games you want to see featured in next week's episode! I'm open to any comments you have, so please tell me what you think or what you'd like to see featured. A quick shout-out to GN-Tribar for his help in digging through mountains of games.

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- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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