Greenlight Spotlight: Top Steam Greenlight Games to Watch, ep. 5

By Published September 30, 2012 at 4:19 am

Episode 5 has arrived! In our ongoing quest to find the best upcoming indie games listed on Steam's Greenlight service, we look this week to the likes of Battlefield parodies in Minecraft environments, space adventures, battles against werewolves, and more! I'm personally very excited about this episode; as always, in Greenlight Spotlight, we look at the top games to watch. These games won't go anywhere without your votes, though, so be sure to check out their Greenlight pages and vote up the ones you like! And again, nominate games you'd like to see featured.

The video is below!


What is Steam Greenlight?

Steam's "Greenlight" sector of their Steam Community page is a section dedicated to upcoming games vying for a chance to land on Steam. Games which reach 100% of the required yes votes will be sent to Valve for review, and upon passing, they will be available on Steam for purchase and/or download!

Greenlight Games to Watch This Week:


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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, this is Steve from! And we are here with our fifth episode of Greenlight Spotlight, our series that tells you about up-and-coming games to watch on Steam's Greenlight service! I'm really excited about the games this week, but we need your help to keep finding more! Nominate games you'd like to see us support in the comments below.

Guncraft: This week's number seven game is what some -- without further inspection -- might call a Minecraft clone. Well, it is! But in a parodying manner. Guncraft mocks the likes of Modern Warfare, Battlefield, and Notch's Minecraft with its high-octane, slightly ludicrous gameplay. The game itself has fully destructible EVERYTHING, allows construction, full map building within a block-based environment that we're all used to -- it even has helicopters and other vehicles, and offers Battlefield-like gameplay. Better yet, it has a Minecraft map importer, which allows you to import your existing Minecraft maps into Guncraft, then blow your friends to smithereens in them!

Folk Tale: On similar comedic note to Guncraft, Folk Tale takes slot six with its infusion of modern tropes and classic fantasy environs; this city building game feels similar to Settlers in design and Majesty in humor, but aims to allow room for both more militaristic approaches and more peaceful city-building focused playstyles. The game is multiplayer and allows for sandbox play, as well.

Wooden Sen'Sey: Rounding out the pack with classic platformer gameplay is Sen'Sey, a beautifully-presented, time-based challenge game that was an IndieCade finalist this year; Wooden Sen'Sey makes use of grappling-hook movement, hammer-actuated bounces, and incredibly powerful attacks to platform through levels. The game has varied environments, each with a connected-but-different artistic approach, making for a game that really feels like it fits its overarching Japanese theme.

Gear Up: This next one's a bit more straight-forward than the previous game: Gear Up takes slot four, and when I saw the gameplay video, I immediately flashed back to playing Battle Tanx on the N64, back in the day. Gear Up supports 32-player tank battles, where each player uses customized tanks and weapons to gain an edge in engagements. Gear Up has a full level and challenge editor, as well as co-op missions and leaderboard support.

Salvation Prophecy: This quote-unquote "Military Space Epic" is an engaging, space-fighting action game that has both planetary battles and space combat, resulting in an amalgamation that feels like it's straight out of a popular space TV series. This dynamic universe features multiple factions of varying standings, chaotic space battles, alien planet exploration, construction of colonies and stations, and more; it is effectively a space sim, making for an excellent choice for those who enjoy the X-series of games.

Secrets of Grindea: In slot two, Secrets of Grindea's old-skool Action RPG focus, combined with its co-op support for four players, makes it an excellent option for anyone wanting to relive the glorious SNES days. Secrets of Grindea implements a Zelda-inspired combat system, pets, skill trees, and even a lengthy storyline. The game's overall aesthetic is fluid and appropriate, its combat looks satisfying, and the RPG elements are all in place to make this play like a classic RPG.

Sang Froid: Slot one this week is taken by a truly cohesive game: We first heard of Sang Froid when the developers of Castle Story mentioned it in an email, and really, the honor was ours: Sang Froid combines third-person action elements, visceral combat, basic trap placement and defense mechanics, and Lycan lore all in one well-rounded game. In Sang Froid, you must defend your town from invading werewolves and lycanthropes, and standing with traditional lore, they're far more powerful than your humanoid lumberjack. That's where traps come in, ziplines, strategy, and carefully utilized items.

I highly recommend looking into Sang Froid -- as with all the other games this week, I'm excited to see where the developers take it.

All of these games need your support, so go vote for them on their Steam pages linked in the description! That's all for this week -- I'll see you guys next time, peace!

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