Ask GN 10: Overclocking Special – Stability, Voltage, Frequencies

By Published November 04, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Ask GN has reached double digits, growing into its tenth episode as you all have continued to provide excellent questions for each video. Last week, in the YouTube comments of Episode 9, almost every question pertained to overclocking in some form or another – SVID toggling, guides for overclocking CPUs, and basics of voltage regulation were all topics of the posted questions.

We decided to make an “Overclocking Special” that strictly discusses the topic of overclocking, addressing some of these basic questions for beginners.

You can find timestamps of the questions below, following the video.

00:45 - Lord Inquisitor: "I have a question about a certain MOBO feature: i have a 5820k, in the bios it say i can choose between 3 option like 3.6 , 3.9 and 4.2. I know its like a preoverclock feature, but is it good if i choose 4.2 and leave it here?"

05:22 - Federico Romero: "Do you recommend software overclocking apps like Asus 5-way, Gigabyte EasyTune, etc. ? They change more than just voltage and multiplier ? Thanks for Q/A videos, they are very helpfull."

08:09 - Daniel Worthey: "Will a i5 4690k burn out a Msi p33 v2 motherboard? It has like 2+1 power to the CPU. Should I down clock the CPU or try to get the voltage down?"

09:56 - Ameer Mahmood: "Hi Steve. I have a 4790k running at 4.7Ghz & 1.3v Would you recommend disabling SVID support?"

11:59 - Ryan Zinter: "Hey Steve, love the site and channel. My question is this. I have watched tons of videos about overclocking, but I never have been able to achieve a stable overclock. I am using and AMD 8350 on a gigabyte UD3 990FX motherboard, and I am wanting to upgrade soon, but, if I can get some more performance out of the chip, I could put off upgrading maybe another year or so. Where is a good step by step guide of overclocking this chip? Sorry for sounding noobish... Thanks have a good one."

- Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke.

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Steve Burke

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