Best Intel Ivy Bridge Prices and Deals (Chart)

By Published April 29, 2012 at 1:57 pm

The release of Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPU line (we gave an overview of the spec differences here) brings the question of ‘where’s the best place to buy an Ivy Bridge CPU?’ We’ve scoured the Interwebz all morning and, luckily, have found a handful of retailers that are offering extremely competitive prices. Here’s a listing of all the major retailers (online and physical) and their corresponding Intel Ivy Bridge prices:

Intel Ivy Bridge Price Chart

MicroCenter’s gained notoriety for having some of the best hardware pricing out there, but with the caveat that – quite often, anyway – purchasers must be local for pick-up; that's not the case this time around. You can order online at excellent priecs, and in some cases, they're even giving $50 off motherboard purchases with the purchase of a new CPU. Let's look at all the competition (note: please double-check all links before any purchases are made):

i5-3450 i5-3450S i5-3550 i5-3570k i7-3770 i7-3770S i7-3770k
Amazon $204.99 $222.12 $219.99 $249.99 $319.99 $342.17 $349.99
Newegg $199.99 $199.99 $219.99 $249.99 $319.99 $319.99 $349.99
Microcenter $159.99 not listed not listed $189.99 $259.99 not listed $289.99
TigerDirect $199.99 not listed not listed $209.99 not listed $319.99 $319.99
CompUSA $199.99 not listed not listed not listed not listed $319.99 not listed
Fry's not listed not listed not listed $249.99 not listed not listed not listed
NCIX $220.12 not listed $224.28 $233.65 $299.55 not listed $382.01


Need help deciding what to buy? Comment below and ask us if you even need an Ivy Bridge CPU -- in most cases, the answer is no. Enthusiasts will enjoy them, but they're not 'required' by any means (for gaming, anyway). Let us know your situation and we'll get you an answer!

-Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

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