Weekend Hardware Sales - $180 2GB 660, $50 700W PSU, $5 System Screw Kit

By Published September 14, 2013 at 3:36 pm

For whatever reason, this weekend sees the arrival of several undeniably solid deals on gaming hardware -- including video card sales, PSU discounts, and misc. system building supplies. If you're working on a new build or need a quick upgrade, it's worth paying attention to some of the items we found this weekend. Let's jump straight into it.


EVGA GTX 660 2GB ($180): After a $20 MIR (expires 9/30), EVGA's GTX 660 2GB model video card is retailing at just slightly above its step-down 7850 and 650 TiB alternatives. If you've been intending to build one of our budget configurations and have been looking into a 7850 or 650 TiB, it's time to reconsider and take advantage of this 2GB 660.

OCZ ModXStream Modular 700W PSU ($50): Dropped from $75 and including free shipping, OCZ's mainstay ModXStream PSU (modular) makes for an easy, mid-range quality PSU for any upcoming budget configuration. The PSU supplies 700W of power -- more than enough for any non-enthusiast class build -- and is 80 Plus certified for the minimum level of energy efficiency rated by the 80 Plus standard.

System Builder Screw Set ($5): It's pretty tough to lose when spending five bucks. TigerDirect's in-house Ultra brand is dumping its stock of screw kits at a fiver each. You'll get jumper caps, motherboard standoffs, paper washers (used for separating CPU cooler screw heads from scratching the board), and all manner of standardized system screws. Worth buying for any new builder.

Pick of the Week

Kingston V300 120GB SSD ($90): After free shipping and an instant discount,Kingston's V300 120GB SSD comes out at a clean $90. The V300 SSD is a consumer-class drive, using MLC NAND, giving it increased endurance over similarly-priced TLC products (like the 840 non-pro drive) without sacrificing too much of the overall price.

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