Weekend Hardware Sales - 9590 CPU, Antec Nineteen Hundred

By Published January 12, 2014 at 1:22 pm

With CES coming to a close (though content is still being posted), we've got a ton of new gaming hardware in mind for sales round-ups. In this sales round-up, we look at Antec's new Nineteen Hundred gaming case (nearly $100 off MSRP), AMD's FX-9590 highest-end CPU for $300, and more.



Antec Nineteen Hundred Super Tower ($170): We're working on getting this article up by end of day today, but in the meantime, it's worth noting that the Nineteen Hundred is on sale (in both red and green colors). The Nineteen Hundred is an impressive Super Tower enclosure (like the 900D), except slightly smaller and about 50% the price. The Nineteen Hundred is an easy pick-up for enthusiasts -- it's got thick metals, high build quality, and great enthusiast potential. At $100 off MSRP, it's an "all day long" pick-up.

AMD FX-9590 4.7GHz CPU ($300): AMD's 9590 4.7GHz eight-core CPU is presently on sale for $80 off, which makes it hugely competitive to similarly-priced Intel CPUs. Enthusiasts who enjoy high overclocks should look into the 9590 seriously; keep in mind that you'll need a motherboard that supports the huge watt draw (220W), so something like this will work.

i5-4670K + ASUS Z87-A Combo ($355): Combo'd with an ASUS Z87-A motherboard and free Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn code, this i5-4670K bundle deal ranks in at $355. It serves as a solid foundation for a basic PC build and should get you started in part selection; check our PC build guides for more support.

Pick of the Week

ASUS 23" IPS Panel ($150): Using promo code EMCYTZT5437 and an MIR, you can grab this 23" IPS panel for $150; its GTG response time is 5ms, so it's not perfect for twitch-response / competitive gaming, but it'll offer great color quality for artists and users who play less competitive games (don't need as quick response time).

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- Nick "stuBEEF" Pinkerton.

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