Weekend Hardware Sales - $180 R9 270, $210 27" Monitor, HDDs, Cases

By Published March 15, 2014 at 10:32 am

This is one of the best weekend hardware sales round-ups we've had yet. This weekend, there's an MSI R9 270 2GB video card on sale for $180 (yes, actual MSRP!), an ultra-wide ASUS LED LCD for $210, Fractal's Define R4 case at $90, and more.

Fractal Design Define R4 w/ Window ($90): Use code EMCPGWG28 at checkout. Fractal's Define R4 is known for its relative silence, ease-of-installation, and overall discrete appearance. This version of the case includes a side window and 2x140mm hydraulic bearing fans. After instant discounts and the coupon code, it rests at right around $90 - an easy buy for anyone wanting a discrete mid-tower case with some silence.

ASUS VN279Q Ultra-Wide 27" Monitor ($210): I'm pretty tempted to add this one to my monitor setup. ASUS' VN279Q LED LCD has a $30 instant coupon code (EMCPGWG94 at checkout) and $30 MIR, putting it at $210 after all the discounts. The unit is 27" in width and has a fairly slim bezel.

WD Black 2TB 7200RPM HDD ($140): This is the Shell Shocker for today, so don't be surprised if it's over by the time you see this post. WD's Black edition HDDs are rated as their most reliable and highest-performing consumer HDDs, right above their more mainstream Blue options. This particular unit is 2TB at 7200RPM.

Pick of the Week 

MSI R9 270 2GB GPU ($180): We recently used an R9 270X in our Titanfall GPU benchmark that performed admirably. The R9 270 is a bit more affordable and was originally targeted for the sub-$200 budget & mid-range audiences; unfortunately, after the cryptocurrency boom, the card became entirely unaffordable for its performance. This active deal brings it back down to original MSRP, which is excellent - because it truly is a good device if priced properly. Use coupon code REMMUS79 at checkout to get 6% off. 

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