Weekend Hardware Sales - $200 480GB SSD, Intel X79 Combos, R9 270

By Published March 28, 2014 at 12:28 pm

As our regularly-scheduled content continues out of GTC & GDC, we turn toward e-tailers for our weekend hardware sales round-up. Noteworthy this weekend are combo discounts on Intel Extreme Series CPUs, Crucial's 480GB M500 for $200, an XFX R9 270, and a 23.6” LED LCD.

Intel X79 Combo ($Varies): Using Newegg’s combo selector, you can grab a Rampage board + 4930K + Rome 2 for $970 right now, which is about $50 off (or $100 off, if you ‘re counting Rome 2). Cheaper CPUs and boards are also available, like the 4820K + Gigabyte motherboard for $533 after discount. At that point, you’re pretty close to a normal 4670K + high-end board purchase.

XFX 2GB R9 270 GPU ($200): The R9 270 is one of the best-performing GPUs for the price, and is the best-performing GPU (in most games) in the sub-$200 range. MSRP was originally $180 or $200, depending on if you got the 270 or 270X, but coin-mining drove prices up to be several hundred more than MSRP; thankfully, we’re now returning to a normal pricing structure for AMD video cards.

ASUS 23.6” LED LCD ($165): If you’re in need of a monitor (or another monitor), this ASUS LED LCD is on sale for $165 right now and is available in 23.6” size. This is one of the most-reviewed and purchased displays on the web, so it’s got a good track-record backing it up.

Pick of the Week

480GB Crucial M500 SSD ($200): Using v.me checkout, you’re able to get Crucial’s critically-acclaimed M500 SSD in 480GB capacity for $200. That’s an insane deal, and I shouldn’t have to tell you why: a quality SSD at $0.50/GB is the price we’ve been waiting for, and at 480GB, it’s enough to load a full OS + games for a lot of users. HDDs still exist for mass storage, of course.

- Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke.

Steve Burke

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